Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, March 1

  • CTA’s Prez Carter Discusses Bus & Rail Projects, Plans to Buy New Rail Cars (WBBM)
  • Future of Lakeside Development Plan Uncertain After U.S. Steel & McCaffery Part Ways (DNA)
  • No Charges After Driver Fatally Strikes 59-Year-Old Woman in Glendale Heights (Tribune)
  • Senior Fatally Struck in Harwood Heights, 5 Blocks E. of Where Man Was Killed Days Ago (Tribune)
  • 62-Year-Old Woman Dies 6 Days After Being Struck By Pickup Driver in Countryside (Sun-Times)
  • Woman Who Was Struck in Stone Park a Month Ago Has Died (Sun-Times)
  • Portage Park Man Charged for the Hit-and-Run Crash That Killed Christopher Sanchez (DNA)
  • CDOT: Walking, Biking & Transit Detours During Belmont/Western Closure for Overpass Removal
  • CTA Riders Often Take Matters Into Their Own Hands During Crises (RedEye)
  • Proposed Tower by Jeff Park Station May Get Taller; JP Gateway Going Before Plan Commission (DNA)
  • Neighbors Upset About Canoe Shop Being Replaced With a Drive-Thu Dunkin Donuts (DNA)
  • Ancien Cycles Opens a New Bike Shop & Cafe Under the 53rd St. Metra Stop (DNA)

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  • Chicagoan

    It’s not exactly a parking-light design, but Helmut Jahn’s new renderings for 1000 S. Michigan Ave. were released and I think it looks beautiful.

    Trimming it down from 1,000-something to 800-something should be more respectful to the district and the skyline (they can build taller in other parts of this area), and one less surface parking lot is always a great thing.

  • Do you have a link?

  • Pat
  • Chicagoan

    Here’s a better link:

    I’d rather hear Blair Kamin’s thoughts on this, plus the Tribune article has new renderings.

  • Ancien is taking up the space of the former 53rd Street Bicycle Center, right?
    What happened to that business?

  • Sure glad they scrapped that design. Doing art that is unsettling is fine for the theater where it’s over soon but doing a building that is unsettling to look at and that is there for years or even centuries in not a good idea.

  • People taking things into their own hands to help others is an urban feature not a bug. There was another incident a while back where people jumped down onto the tracks to lift an injured person out of the way of approaching trains.

    Yeah sometimes a group or individual will get it wrong. But more often a collection of minds gets it right, imho.

    As for exiting the train for impatience, well that is just selfishness. Sure it is sometimes not bad. But as I heard it there could have been more announcements by the CTA. Being so close to the station didn’t help. On the whole those selfish people likely made things worse for the folks who waited.

  • Lisa Curcio

    Helmut Jahn, who gave us the Thompson Center . . . .

  • I’m cynically guessing Bike Chicago pulled out as soon as the university’s gravy train stopped.

  • Chicagoan

    He’s one of the better architects in the world, having worked extensively in Asia and Europe, I really like a lot of his commissions.

    The Thompson Center is a very unique building, one that has flaws, but really unique. I think if it wasn’t a government-owned building, it would be in much better shape. Stone structures fit government office spaces best, as when money is tight, maintenance is always deferred.

  • BlueFairlane

    If it weren’t a government-owned building, it wouldn’t have been designed to be 90% wasted space, with the other 10% merely inconvenient.

  • planetshwoop

    And the Shure Center, which is really cool, esp at night.

    O’Hare walkway too.

  • Mike C

    I would have thought U.S. Steel had already sold the land for the Lakeside Development. I guess that means the LSD south extension will remain a relatively quiet road to bike on for a few more years, at least.

  • Mike C

    And the Mansueto Library.

  • Anne A

    Bike Chicago has never been good at marketing itself. I’m sure that didn’t help. Ancien is much better at that.

  • Also the Citibank Cash Register/Northwest Station.