Today’s Headlines for Thursday, February 25

  • CMAP Gets Ready to Launch the ON TO 2050 Plan (Delayed Until Next Wednesday) (WTTW)
  • After Years of Complaints About Scant Service, Metra Is Adding a Run to Heritage Line (CTJ)
  • Despite Judge’s Ruling, City Won’t Be Refunding Cam Tickets Any Time Soon (DNA)
  • TransitCenter: Why Can’t CHI & NYC Transit Catch Up to Where Rest of World Was Years Ago?
  • The City Has Saved a Bundle on Snow Clearance Expenses Due to Mild Winter (Sun-Times)
  • Security Footage Shows Driver Who Killed Christopher Sanchez Was in a Silver SUV (DNA)
  • Cahill: The City Is Doing the Right Thing by Taking Over the Old Post Office (Crain’s)
  • Metra Hopes $4M Marketing Contract Will Lead to 10K More Riders Per Day (Sun-Times)
  • Women Discuss the Challenges & Opportunities Facing Female Cyclists (Medill)
  • Bank Exec: Ride-Share Is Killing the Market for Chicago Taxi Medallions (Crain’s)
  • What Lincoln Square Looked Like Before Lincoln Ave. Was Reconfigured (DNA)
  • Refuge From Eritrea Opens a Doughnut Shop Beneath the Bloomingdale Trail (DNA)

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  • Chicagoan

    Lincoln Square is a very nice neighborhood, but there isn’t even really a square. In an ideal world, they’d pick up that Lincoln statue by the Walgreens, create a pedestrian mall on Lincoln Avenue from Lawrence Avenue to Leland Avenue, and put the Lincoln statue in that area. Now you’ve got yourself a square.

    Can you imagine that area of Lincoln Avenue as a pedestrian mall? Taking that street from cars would allow for some really cool al fresco dining. The Brauhaus could build a biergarten :)

  • planetshwoop

    If they wanted to play up the Olde Worlde Deutschland connection, they could definitely close those few blocks of Lincoln and turn it into a Ped Zone like in Germany. Even if it weren’t permanent, trying it a few Sundays would be a great idea and make it even more of a destination.

  • cjlane

    “Even if it weren’t permanent, trying it a few Sundays would be a great idea”

    *this* should happen. I’d even say it should happen for a few full weekends, and it should certainly happen for Mai & October Fests.

  • Chicagoan

    Just look at it, seems like an easy decision to make. Lincoln between Lawrence and Leland is really narrow, I don’t even see the point of allowing cars in that area. Tear up the stretch, level the surface, and lay some nice brick or stone. It’s a great little space as it is, making it a pedestrian mall should make it even better.

    I think it would be one of the most popular spots in the city during the fall and summer.

    Again, imagine a Brauhaus biergarten!

  • I ride the Heritage Corridor, and even with only six trains a day, the trains are never full. That new 2:45 train will be nearly empty. Lipinski is so adamant about adding trains and stations to the route that I wonder if he’s ever actually ridden it.

  • planetshwoop

    Doesn’t it a lot of delays from freight interference?

    PS Hi pete! Brian S

  • Wow, Brian, great to hear from you! Yes, the HC does have more freight train delays. Amtrak delays too. Metra is at the very bottom of the pecking order.