Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, Februaury 24

  • Cyclist Pulled Off Bike, Beaten and Robbed on the Bloomingdale Trail (DNA)
  • Man Visiting from the UK Was Electrocuted by Metra Overhead Wires (DNA)
  • Illinois Is the State With the 11th Lowest Pedestrian Fatality Rate (Tech Insider)
  • Almost Half of Proposed Eisenhower Noise Walls Likely to Be Approved (Tribune)
  • 1st Tower of Oak Park Development With 271 Units, 428 Spaces almost Completed (Curbed)
  • Closed Gas Station at 3901 N. Broadway May Become Tower With 100 Units, 65 Spaces (DNA)
  • A List of the 11 CTA Stations That Will Be Getting New Art (DNA)
  • Western Avenue Closing March 4 for Demolition of the Belmont Overpass (DNA)
  • Derailment on Yellow Line, Which Re-Opened 4 Months Ago After Embankment Collapse (DNA)
  • Curbed Checks Out the Progress of the 35th St. Pedestrian Bridge
  • Evanston Alderman: Divvy Too Costly, “Let’s Paint Bikes, Put Them Up Around Town” (Tribune)
  • 4-8 Inches of Snow Will Hit the Region Today — Will “Dibs” Rear Its Ugly Head? (DNA)

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  • Those noise walls will only make the physical balkanization of Oak Park’s more upscale neighborhoods from their multi-unit poorer areas worse. :-/

  • Pat

    You clearly have no idea of the make up of housing in Oak Park.

    MDU in Oak Park are pretty equally spread on the whole, but are located in pockets and corridors, mostly on the north side of the Ike.

    Most of the south side of the Ike in Oak Park is SFR. It only makes up about .75 sq mi of the 4.5 sq mi of the village. While yes, it is less wealthy, that mostly has to do with its proximity to the expressway, as well. The walls aren’t going to change that for better or worse.

  • rohmen

    Agreed. I’m an Oak Park resident (north of the Ike, but in the SE corner of the Village), and I’m not a fan of the noise walls, at least in their most common form. That said, nothing short of capping the Ike is going to do anything to help better connect South Oak Park with the rest of the Village.

    The vast majority of the dense housing on the south side (which Pat is right that there is not actually much of, as that area is almost solely smaller SFH) of the Ike actually butts-up against the Ike itself, meaning those multi-unit buildings actually stand to benefit the most from the noise walls to a large degree.

  • Pat

    Well put.

    Aside from the proximity to the Ike, the disparity in the values of homes on the south side is primarily because they are smaller, denser, and more blue collar SFR than in the wealthier parts of town.

  • Chicagoan

    I’m feelin’ that design for the 100 units on Broadway and Sheridan. The whole area of north Lakeview by the Sheridan Red Line station is kind of “blah”. Not great when you have Thorek Hospital acting as an active land banker, BP holding one of the corners of Broadway/Irving Park, an IHOP at the corner of Grace/Halsted, and an empty lot and a Walgreens (and accompanying surface parking) holding corners of Irving Park/Sheridan.

    A fair amount of good, though. Holiday Club, Spritz Burger, and Strawdog Theatre Company are all neighborhood institutions.

    I feel like this particular area could see the next rush of TOD proposals.

    Though, isn’t there some doubt regarding the Sheridan station’s future? Perhaps easing that tight curve and relocating the station to Irving Park. It is quite the curve.

  • I’ve been there (and lived on the west side just south of the border for 7+ years), and visit a friend regularly who has lived there for nearly a decade, and it’s pretty clear that the people north of the Ike treat the people south of the Ike as basically second-class citizens who need to get out of their nice village and quit crudding it up. There are exceptions (and there are some quite pricey homes south of the highway, in pockets), but that is the general presumption.

    Kids get treated badly by other kids for saying they live on any of the south-of-Ike streets. The police even act differently on both sides of the highway.

    Building an exclusion wall is not going to help, and is just going to encourage people living in ‘the good part’ in thinking of the southern part as separate and worse.

  • Pat

    Again, these are your presumptions. Including one about multi-unit buildings that doesn’t exist.

    As for the kids thing, its not the street you live on but rather what elementary school or park district center you went to. I know, I grew up there. I wouldn’t say the police act differently as a N-S thing, but more so around the border, where there is the belief of spillover crime (whether it is true or not).

    As rohmen noted, the Ike itself is a wall. Putting up sound walls doesn’t change that and won’t exacerbate your hyperbole-as-facts.