Today’s Headlines for Monday, February 22

  • Program Offers Low-Income Home Owners Near 606 “Forgiveable” Loans for Maintenance (DNA)
  • A Battle Is Brewing Over Who Will Get the CTA’s Next Big Rail Car Contract (Crain’s)
  • Daniel Hertz Provides 4 Reasons Why the O’Hare Express Is a Really Bad Idea (Chicago)
  • City Plans to Take Over the Old Main Post Office & Find a New Developer (Crain’s)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills a Woman, Injures a Man and a Boy in Pilsen (Tribune)
  • Driver Fatally Strikes Pedestrian in Norridge, Flees the Scene (Sun-Times)
  • CPS Teacher Charged With Misdemeanors After Injuring 2 Students in DUI Crash (Tribune)
  • Frustrated by 30-Minute Delay, Blue Line Passengers Exit Cars & Walk Down Tracks (DNA)
  • Plan Commission Approves Lathrop Redevelopment, Several Downtown High Rises (Curbed)
  • Moreno Calls the Inclusion of 400 Affordable Units in the Lathrop Plan a “Huge Victory” (DNA)
  • Court Strikes Down Lawuit Based on Creative Theory That Cabbies Are City Employees (Sun-Times)
  • The Mild Winter Means Fewer Potholes to Fix (Tribune)

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  • JacobEPeters

    Since when is less than a publically stated guideline of 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 considered a “Huge Victory,” instead of the bare minimum that we should expect from the redevelopment of a public housing development into the intended mixed income community it has been planned to be for over a decade?

    I am glad this is happening, but the “Huge Victory” would be to see 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 on a new development on the north side on land not currently owned by CHA.

  • Anne A

    Daniel Hertz’s piece on why the O’Hare Express is a bad idea summarizes the problems with this project very effectively. I hope that enough of the right people will listen to reason and kill this project before any more money is wasted on it (beyond what was already spent on the Block 37 “superstation”).

  • Kevin M

    Not that is isn’t important news, but what does the Lathrop Redevelopment have to do with Streetsblog’s mission?

  • Pat

    Most notably, the riverwalk component.

  • Chicagoan

    My conspiracy theory is that the CTA is going to tap CSR for the new rail car contract. In exchange, Rahm will get a big chunk of change for his O’Hare express train project from a huge Chinese investor consortium.

    All of this orchestrated by Rahm and a CPC official at the Green Mill, perhaps in a back/hidden room :)

  • Kevin M

    Ah, thanks–that was the part I was missing.

  • aweg

    Even sans river walk it seems to me that how CHA plans to replace (or not) housing for those least able to afford to live in livable communities falls within the scope of Streetsblog’s reporting. But perhaps I’m reading the mission to broadly.

  • planetshwoop

    The problem with his analysis is that people don’t want to get to the Loop faster with an express train. The concept is more like ‘business class’ to get to the airport. Someone else is paying, so the cost is not material, and you can continue to use wifi to work to/from the airport, have a meeting with your colleagues, etc.

    I’m not trying to apologize for this — I think it’s a completely terrible idea and I ride the Blue Line most workdays. But people should recognize the argument, and it’s not about express, it’s about looking like an Asian city or London, and avoiding making people take a “subway”.

  • planetshwoop

    When you want someone’s money, you go to them. They don’t come to the Green Room.

  • Nothing on Friday’s train crash?