Today’s Headlines for Friday, February 12

  • IDOT May Get $84.7M Windfall From Stale Federal Earmarks (Herald)
  • Safe Routes for Healthy Kids Campaign Launched in Little Village (Active Trans)
  • Crestwood Man Gets 39 Years for Murdering His Wife With Her Own Car (Tribune)
  • 2 CTA Workers Injured During Yellow Line Derailment (Tribune)
  • 47th Ward Residents Can Vote for Pedestrian Improvements in Pawar’s Menu Money Survey (DNA)
  • Amtrak May Add a Second Daily Roundtrip Run Between Chicago & Twin Cities (Sun-Times)
  • City Approves Plan for Apartment Building in Pilsen With 99 Units, 52 Spaces (DNA)
  • Obama Advisor Says Washington Park Would Be the Best Location for Presidential Library (DNA)
  • Emanuel Wants Pedicab Ordinance to Include Operators Working for Donations & Tips (Sun-Times)
  • The Detour Walking Tour App Is Coming to Chicago (Curbed)

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  • Chicagoan

    I agree that Washington Park is the best choice for the Obama Presidential Center. I’d think that a renovation to the Garfield Green Line station would definitely happen and a renovation to the Garfield Red Line station would possibly happen as well.

    I’m hoping Mr. Adjaye is the architect.

  • Jeff Gio

    extending the Pedicab ordinance… pedicabs kicked when already down…

    Someone include a quote of Rahm posturing about bike infrastructure

  • BlueFairlane

    Washington Park is the only logical choice, both because of the proximity to the Green Line in one direction and the President’s Kenwood home in the other. I’d put good money on that house becoming a national park unit some day, and we could make a nice heritage walk or something between the two sites.

  • Jeremy

    I would consider taking a train to Minnesota, but 8 hours is a long time. A plane ride is so much shorter. Even if there was HSR, that would still take 5-6 hours.

  • BlueFairlane

    People prefer what they prefer, of course, but I’ve never gotten flying from Chicago to someplace as close as Minneapolis. Depending on where you’re coming from, It’s at least an hour to get to the airport, an hour to make sure you get through security, an hour and a half in the air, and an hour to get wherever in Minneapolis you’re going. That’s four and a half hours at least right there, and you spend that 4.5 hours standing in line, getting groped by some grumpy TSA guy, dealing with grumpy ticket agents, and shoving yourself into a tiny seat next to somebody you’ll probably find annoying. And that’s all assuming you don’t get caught by the very strong likelihood of some weather/airline event that leaves you stuck in an airport someplace for anything between 8 and 24 hours.

    I just drive, though a train’s not a bad option if the schedule works out. I’ll take 8 hours on a train over a theoretical 4.5 hours in airline hell.

  • Kevin M

    +1 to everything BlueFairlane wrote.

  • Kevin M
  • Pat

    Its not just for people going Min-Chi but also for riders going to or coming from La Crosse, Winona, Wisconsin Dells.

    I recently took the Empire Builder from La Crosse to Chicago and it was very competitive with driving times.

  • Rats, that was today?

  • Chicagoan

    That’d be great! Didn’t President Obama also do speeches in Washington Park during his community organizing days?

  • buddah

    Sorry jeremy I have to agree with blue…. even though flying is quicker than taking the current train, A real high speed rail line could easily compete. Best thing is the trip from Chicago to Milwaukee already has a ROW in place It just needs to be taken over entirely for passenger service by Amtrak and metra and move freight traffic elsewhere. However A new line would need to be built from milwaukee to madison and then a new line from madison to Minneapolis. almost parallel to I-94. If you ran two services ( similar to Amtrak in the NEC) an express ( acela) and a local (regional) the express train could make it from Chicago to Minneapolis in 4 -4 1/2 hours with limited stops ( Chicago-milwaukee-madison-Eu-clair, minneapolis) regional would be 5 -5 1/2 hours. Driving takes 6 hours if your lucky, while Greyhound and mega bus take up to 9 hours.

    With one train leaving every other hour ( Amtrak NEC trains are currently one per hour) there would be a high enough frequency to support the use of the system. with times like that you could knock out bus travel and appeal to a lot more people to take the train as you could now make this a day trip between the two end cities. Service this frequent also lowers ticket cost as there’s more availability and would put the airlines on point to try and compete. more competition is ALWAYS good for the consumer no matter what a private company may try and tell you.