Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, February 10

  • $281 Million in Federal Funding Earmarked for CTA‘s Red-Purple Modernization Project
  • Police: After Man Fell Into Street During Fight, Driver Accidentally Struck and Killed Him (Sun-Times)
  • Truck Driver Fatally Strikes Man in Franklin Park, Drags Him 500 Feet (Sun-Times)
  • Olmstead Expert Recommends Making Washington Park Less Car-Focused (DNA)
  • Chicago Transfering $800K in Federal CMAQ Grants to Burbs for Divvy (Tribune)
  • Oak Park Is Gearing Up for Divvy Station Installations (Tribune)
  • Chicago State University Students Take Over Loop Streets to Protest Budget Stalemate (Sun-Times)
  • Chicago Gas Prices Have Taken a Rare 11-Day Dip Below the National Average (Tribune)
  • Looks Like Parking Lot at North & North Park in Old Town Will Be Redeveloped (Curbed)
  • DNA Survey Finds CTA Riders Really Prefer Not to Sit Next to Each Other
  • CTA Fails” Founder Says His Campaign Has Highlighted Problems With Transit (RedEye)
  • Man Shows His Passion for the CTA With an ‘L’ Map Tattoo (Chicagoist)

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  • Pat

    The Curbed article points to Chicago State protests.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Fixed, thanks.

  • JacobEPeters

    That tribune article is worded in a misleading fashion. The part about expanding to affluent suburbs before other parts of the city downplays the new stations being built in disadvantaged neighborhoods as part of this expansion. Divvy will now be an option for west side residents who go to downtown as well as Oak Park. If not for the Oak Park expansion, these areas would have much less options for stations within a 30 minute ride.

  • Chicagoan

    I appreciate the Tribune’s “Watch Dog” coverage, especially in this politicking city, but if you only read their paper for Chicago-based news, you’d walk away thinking not one positive thing has happened in this city…ever.

  • Joseph Rappold

    the tribune hates the city soo much sometimes its comical…i think they are hanging on for life so they are getting more and more negative and shrill

  • Chicagoan

    They just absolutely trash everything Rahm and company do nowadays. I realize that they have it coming quite a bit, but even the good things that happen, the Tribune puts a spin on it, always negative. It’s just not a very good source for city news right now. Or, if you’re going to read it, also read the Sun-Times and the online places.

  • Anne A

    I think you read that article very differently than I did. Your interpretation sounds much more like the stupid DNA Info article about Beverly being “passed over” in favor of Evanston and Oak Park, which I addressed here.

  • Anne A

    I agree that the Oak Park expansion is a win-win for Austin and Garfield Park.

  • JacobEPeters

    It was just how the article made it seem like the money was being given to Oak Park & Evanston instead of being spent in the city. When in fact the spending mentioned in the article is for city stations in conjunction with Evanston & Oak Park spending on their own stations.

  • Anne A

    I would welcome changes to Washington Park to reduce car speeds on its roads. In its current configuration, it can be very dangerous for ped and bike traffic, especially at the intersections of Morgan/Rainey, Garfield/Morgan/ Ellsworth and Payne/Rainey.

  • CTA Fails consistently shares CTA outages and system alerts 2-6 hours before the official CTA accounts do.

  • Especially since, as a former Austin resident, I can tell you lots of people in Austin go to Oak Park’s downtown area to shop.

  • Anne A

    It seems like there’s been a lot of misunderstanding and lack of information about that, which is why I mentioned it in my blog piece.

  • Anne A

    I had a conversation recently with someone in Beverly who asked me if people ride bikes in Austin. My answer: “Lots of people, including me.” I know plenty of people who live in and near Austin who ride, and there’s no shortage of bike traffic there. I’m sure Divvy will be appreciated.

  • Chicagoan

    It’s a very lovely park. I’ve got a lot of hope for the future of Washington Park (the neighborhood).

  • Anne A

    Agree. It is a lovely park. Making it more ped and bike friendly would enhance that beauty.

  • Chicagoan

    The housing stock is fairly hollowed-out, but what’s still there is gorgeous. Great transit as well, having the Green and Red lines right there. With all of the growth happening in Hyde Park, perhaps it’ll eventually jump over the park and into Washington Park.

  • ohsweetnothing

    RIP Marques :(

  • what_eva

    The risk of a CTA map tattoo is that things change.


    This woman got her tattoo during the relatively short (< 2 years) period between the start of the pink line and the end of blue line service on the Douglas branch. ie, her map was wrong shortly after she got the tattoo.

    The CTA shower curtain has the same problem, even worse, it shows closed stops during the brown line station work of the same timeframe. I don't understand why they don't update that thing, it can't cost that much to redo it.