Today’s Headlines for Friday, February 5

  • City Hires Northwestern to Do Comprehensive Study of Red Light Cam Program (Sun-Times)
  • Rauner Wants Tolled Lanes on I-55 So That Motorists Can Pay to Bypass Traffic (CTJ)
  • Moreno Demands That All Lathrop CHA Units Be Replaced With Units on North Side (DNA)
  • Driver Gets 8 Years for DUI Crash That Killed U. of C. Law Student (Sun-Times)
  • CDOT Proposes Extending the Wood Street Greenway North to Cortland Avenue (DNA)
  • CTA & Bike Are Top Priorities for New Evanston Transportation Chief (Tribune)
  • Pawar & Reboyras Want to Make Lincoln Towing to Testify Before City Hall (DNA)
  • Illinois EPA Has Stopped Mailing Out Emissions Test Reminders to Drivers (ABC)
  • The Nuts & Bolts of How Wi-Fi Service Was Added to CTA Tunnels (Tribune)
  • Vice Makes a Documentary About Chicago’s Halsted Street (DNA)

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  • Chicagoan

    I can’t look at the article about Evanston’s new trans. chief, but I’m encouraged by all of the progress of our northern neighbor. Does anyone know what their new chief thinks about the Asbury Avenue Yellow Line station that’s been discussed?

  • Jeff Gio

    Well the proposed widening of I-55 starts around Bolingbrook and ends around Armour Square at I-90. For the length in the city, I-55 runs along the river and sandwiches freight tracks. I suppose widening it won’t destroy any more neighborhoods…

    There’s a little sliver of a residential area between I-55 and the river in Bridgeport. I’ve biked around this area and it’s very lonely.

    I thought many people supported congestion-priced lanes. Is the headline “Near-Billionaire Rauner Wants Tolled Lanes on I-55 So Rich People Can Bypass Traffic” tongue-in-cheek?

  • dr

    Mahmassani strikes the right tone in the red light article. Great move by the city. I wish Spielman had a little less blood dripping from her mouth, and had done journalistic due diligence and asked what the anticipated completion date of the report was.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Google the article title to access the article.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    We’ll have more on this issue later today.

  • Chicagoan

    Thanks John. Evanston is becoming a pretty neat suburb. No mentions of the Asbury Avenue Yellow Line station, though :-/

  • Three Green Kashira

    colorado just instituted congestion based pricing on i-70 coming down the mountains into denver (just, like this winter). i haven’t seen any reports on how that is going yet.

  • BlueFairlane

    Hmm … I’d think that would be a difficult place to manage something like that and still allow space for runaway semis to do whatever they need to do. (I love the signs on that stretch … “Don’t be fooled! You’re not down yet!”) I’ve never seen enough congestion there to stop traffic, anyway, at least not once you’re east of Idaho Springs and everything widens out. Ski traffic can do bad things between Idaho Springs and the tunnel.

    I need to google some things, I suppose.

  • There doesn’t really appear to be a “clean” study of just adding an HOV toll lane (they’ve been added as part of other road widenings) —

    I’m excited about this, but to be 100% excited I’d like to see guarantees that some $ will go to better transit in the lanes or area.

  • Three Green Kashira

    i *think* it’s only east-bound, and east of Idaho Springs, but i paid little attention to it as we had no traffic when i drove it last month.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Yeah, I was probably a little heavy-handed with the snark with that headline — I’ve changed it to something more neutral.

  • Jeff Gio

    I grew up here in Chicago metro. Aside from the very existence of run-away truck ramps being a novelty, those signs always struck me because how casual the language sounds: “TRUCKERS ARE YOUR BRAKES COOL?” heh

  • Chicagoan

    I liked it how it was :)

  • what_eva

    It’s cell (4G LTE per the current marketing) in the subway tunnels, not Wi-Fi