Today’s Headlines for Thursday, February 4

  • Metra Won’t Meet the 2018 Deadline for Installing Positive Train Control (Crain’s)
  • Landmarks Commission Considers Height Guidelines for South Loop Skyscrapers (Tribune)
  • Curbed Looks at the Belmont Flyover Plan, Which Was Recently Approved by the Feds
  • 39 Years Ago, the Worst ‘L’ Crash in CTA History Took Place (DNA)
  • Lathrop Homes Redevelopment Plan Could Include a New Stretch of Riverwalk (Tribune)
  • Lake Meadows Retail Plan May Include Widening of 33rd Place at King Drive (DNA)
  • Active Trans Looks at the Rogers Park Greenway Proposal
  • Transit-Oriented Development Planned near Wheeling Metra Stop (Herald)
  • To Tip or Not to Tip Uber Drivers? (Chicagoist)
  • It’s No Longer Legal to Park on Logan Square Boulevards, Unless You’re a Churchgoer (DNA)
  • More Than 2,100 People Have Signed Petition to Suspend Lincoln Towing’s License (DNA)

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  • ohsweetnothing

    re: Logan Boulevards. Is that the subtext to that article John? That the traditional way of churches handling the parking with cones and such means that they will be back on the Boulevards?!

    If so, what nonsense and pandering.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    I don’t think the free boulevard parking policy affected church parking — parishioners just kept parking on the boulevards as they have done for decades, and it looks like they will continue to do so.

  • Kevin M

    As a neighbor near the Palmer & Kedzie boulevards where the church goers park, I much prefer them using part of the boulevard for once-a-week parking instead of building a permanent parking lot or structure. However, I think they should have to pay for this weekly private use of the public way. I intend to share this opinion with their alderman (who is mine as well).

  • Chicagoan

    I share your feelings, Kevin. It’s Alderman Ramirez-Rosa, right? I’m going to write him about this idea.

  • ardecila

    I’m not sure if they should pay. Churches are tax exempt, which means they can sit on parking lots for decades with no incentive to redevelop. The city, by providing free boulevard parking on roads that are generally too wide already, keeps more neighborhood land on the tax rolls.

  • ardecila

    I’m not sure “widening” is the proper way to describe D&K’s Lake Meadows plan. They are seeking to cut a new intersection across the median at 33rd Place. I agree with the community rep that the King Dr median shouldn’t degrade into a Western Ave-style turn lane, but this particular stretch of King has a full 1/4 mile with no legal crossings. This just encourages unsafe speeding and discourages pedestrianism. The article also mentioned that D&K is looking to restore the street grid through Lake Meadows, which is a HUGE plus.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I believe post-remap it’s Waguespack now. He introduced the legislation taking down the signs.