Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, February 2

  • ICYMI: Bills Convicted of All 20 Counts in Redflex Bribery Case, Faces 10-20 years (Tribune)
  • Turncoat Democrat Ken Dunkin Calls for State Legislation to Ban Red Light Cams (Sun-Times)
  • City Makes a 3rd Attempt to Find a Developer & Landlord for the Riverwalk (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Fatally Strikes Woman in University Park (Sun-Times)
  • 45-Year-Old Man Fatally Struck by SUV Driver in Richton Park (Sun-Times)
  • Englewood Residents Fight to Keep Homes Threatened by Freight Yard Project (Sun-Times)
  • My Hood, My Block, My City Hold Rally for Homeless Living in Wilson Viaduct (DNA)
  • Batavia Merchants Blocked Construction of Ped Island at Dangerous Intersection (Active Trans)
  • You’ll Be Hypnotized by This Notorious B.I.G.-Inspired Divvy Rap Video (YouTube)
  • Wabash Lights” ‘L’ Track Placemaking Pilot Debuts on Thursday (DNA)
  • Active Trans Hosts Winter Biking Talk by “Frostbike” Author at Heritage Outpost This Thursday

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  • Chicagoan

    So, is the city once more going to allow the homeless living in the Uptown viaducts to stay until a big concert this summer? The clear out just before Mumford & Sons came to town was just sad. Hoping they’ll handle it better next time.

    What’s Cappleman’s policy on this? He’s much better than some of the nuts representing other Northside wards (cough Michele Smith cough), but the homeless issue has dogged Uptown for a long time.

  • Kevin M

    Where’s the coverage (or, at least, News link) for this story?

    On this story, I’d like to know how riders can submit suggestions/requests to be considered in the design phase for these new cars. For instance, I’d like to suggest they be designed to handle bikes much more naturally and efficiently than the current cars do.

  • neroden

    “Englewood Residents Fight to Keep Homes Threatened by Freight Yard Project (Sun-Times)”

    Unfortunately this is well beyond too late at this point given that most of the neighborhood has already been demolished.

    They should ask for their homes to be physically relocated to vacant lots which are outside the new freight yard footprint. That might actually be possible and get them somewhere.