Today’s Headlines for Friday, January 15

  • Study Finds Link Between Bike Infrastructure & Gentrification in Chicago & Portland (WaPo)
  • RedFlex Bagman Says He Handed Over $557K in Bribes During Lunches With Bills (Tribune)
  • Union Station Shut Down for 30 Minutes Due to Technical Problems (Sun-Times)
  • Guilty Verdict In 2006 Metra Police Officer Slaying Case (Tribune)
  • Chatham Community Members Mourn the Loss of Slow Roll’s Marian Hayes (DNA)
  • Driver Strikes Officer While Fleeing Traffic Stop at 73rd & Jeffery (WGN)
  • 12-Year-Old Boy Sexually Assaulted While Riding CTA Bus to School (Sun-Times)
  • CDOT Says Contractor Will Fix Chipping Bus Lane at Madison Bridge for Free (DNA)
  • Portage Park Will Be Getting 3 New Divvy Stations (DNA)
  • Downtown & Far North Hotspots for Bike Lane Parking Tickets (DNA)
  • Snowy Sidewalks Are a Problem in Elgin, But City Doesn’t Require Shoveling (Herald)
  • Instead of Revenue for Parking Fees, Hanover Park Collects 1,600 Cans of Food (Herald)

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  • ohsweetnothing

    re: bikes lanes and gentrification

    “The authors are cautious about the chicken-and-egg question behind these patterns: Do cities build this infrastructure where they believe people live who are likely to use it (or lobby for it)? Or does the creation of bike lanes attract certain people? Are bike lanes really a part of the process of neighborhood change, or a sign when it’s underway?”

    I think this article is another example where our political setup is an important factor that is overlooked re: bike lanes. I don’t know if that is something I should expect a Canadian University or a national publication to understand, but it almost certainly makes a difference. In fact, SB has done a wonderful job of covering that angle.

  • duppie

    I wonder how all these cars on Clark in Andersonville could have gotten a bike-lane-parking ticket? There is no bike lane there, just sharrows. . Is the author of the database pulling other tickets in the mix, or is the police mislabeling those tickets?