Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, January 5

  • Gov. Rauner to Sell $480 Million in Bonds to Pay for Highway, Transit Construction (NBC)
  • Active Trans: NYC’s Select Service Is a Model for Fast Bus Service in Chicago
  • Man Shot to Death Near Central Green Line Station, on a Safe Passages Route (WGN)
  • Driver Who Fatally Struck Cyclist in Naperville While High Gets 2 1/2 Years (Tribune)
  • Water Main Work in Lincoln Square’s Semi-Pedestrianized Shopping District (DNA)
  • What NOT to Do If You’ve Been Injured by a Driver While Cycling (Keating)
  • FWIW, the Strava Heat Map Shows The 606, Clybourn PBLs as New Biking Hotspots

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  • rohmen

    Glad to see a driver that killed a cyclist held accountable for his actions, but the DUI issue related to marijuana use and alcohol use will be interesting to see play out. My recollection is that once the medical marijuana bill passed in Illinois, some pretty strict DUI laws related to marijuana use also passed (w/ med. mal. users being exempted) along with it. The article doesn’t indicate what level of marijuana was in the driver’s system, but my recollection is any presence can trigger a DUI, no matter the actual THC level of the user. We’ve obviously seen verdicts come out with much less time given (or no prison at all) where alcohol was at play and the driver was well above the legal limit, so there is a selective enforcement issue potentially at play.

    This all becomes relevant because part of the success of Colorado (according to what’s being reported) is DUI accidents have actually gone down since legalization took effect. One of the arguments behind legalization is that it substitutes for alcohol, and drivers do not drive drunk as often as a result. Super strict DUI laws related to marijuana may be as much about fighting legalization and acceptance as they are about making roads safer for other users.