Today’s Headlines for Monday, January 4

  • West Town Bikes’ Director: Chicago Will Be Better in 2016 if More People Cycle (RedEye)
  • Several Injured After Driver Hits CTA Bus on LSD Shoulder, Swerves Into Traffic (Tribune)
  • Motorist Crashes Through Storefront of Bridgeport Doughnut Shop (Twitter)
  • Driving Laws For 2016 Include a Fine for Parking in Electric Vehicle Spots (Expired Meter)
  • RFMA Continues to Campaign Against Planned Buffered Lanes on Lake Street (Gazette)
  • Chainlink Members Discuss the Planned Divvy Price Hike
  • Meet the Voice Actor Who Drives From Milwaukee to Record CTA Announcements (DNA)
  • John Talked 2015 Transpo on the 12/30 WBEZ Morning Shift Show (Starts at Minute 6:30)
  • Community Meeting on Belmont Overpass Removal Plan Scheduled for January 11 (DNA)

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  • That’s a pretty good discussion on The Chainlink about justifying the Divvy price increase.

    Someone said “capital to expand the system”. A point about that: Divvy/CDOT received around $25 million from the federal government. Then it got millions more from Blue Cross Blue Shield. But Divvy/CDOT has said at Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Council (MBAC) meetings that they’ve used the sponsorship money to fund bike lane-building, Divvy For Everyone (D4E), and for the city’s share in funding the Bicycling Ambassadors.

    I wonder if that money should pay for operations/expansion and if it would have been, would that stem the increase?

  • Kevin M

    That Gazette “News” article is yet another shining example of their awful, heavily-biased journalism. That article should be in their Op-Ed column, not falsely labelled “News”. I could not find one counter-point quote from any supporters of the Lake Street bike lane, and yet I counted at least 5 different quotes/names in support of RFMA’s position. It is pretty clear that the Gazette is owned (figuratively, at least) by the RFMA and puts their causes/needs ahead of all other communities members that the Gazette is supposedly serving.


Today’s Headlines for Friday, October 16

Metra Plans 2% Fare Increase, Will Postpone Infrastructure Improvements (Tribune) As Long as State Doesn’t Cut Funding, CTA Doesn’t Plan to Raise Fares (CBS) 4G Debuts on a Stretch of O’Hare Branch, Will Reach Entire Blue & Re Lines by January (RedEye) Plan for Lucas Museum Could Include Transit, Walking & Bike Improvements (Sun-Times) Steven […]

Today’s Headlines for Monday, October 19

CTA Yellow Line Service Will Return on 10/30, Inspiring Countless Halloween Costumes (Tribune) Local Leaders & Amtrak Announce Plans for the Union Station Rehab (Crain’s) New CMAQ Grants Include $125 Million for CTA’s Red-Purple Modernization Project (CMAP) City Drops Plan to Close Jeff Park Street, Which Had Only a Modest Number of Crashes (DNA) Editorial: If […]

Today’s Headlines for Thursday, March 31

Data Expert: Declining Cook County Population Is Nothing to Panic Over (Tribune) #170 CTA Bus Route Will Be Cut Because U. of C. Is Ending Subsidy of the Route (DNA) …While Hyde Park Businesses Offer Free Car Parking Vouchers to Customers (DNA) Mike Quigley Tours Pace Facilities; Expansion of Rosemont Transit Center Planned Man Arrested […]

Today’s Headlines for Friday, January 15

Study Finds Link Between Bike Infrastructure & Gentrification in Chicago & Portland (WaPo) RedFlex Bagman Says He Handed Over $557K in Bribes During Lunches With Bills (Tribune) Union Station Shut Down for 30 Minutes Due to Technical Problems (Sun-Times) Guilty Verdict In 2006 Metra Police Officer Slaying Case (Tribune) Chatham Community Members Mourn the Loss […]

Today’s Headlines

Claypool: RTA Is Blocking Funds for CTA Transit Signal Prioritization Projects (Tribune) Police Searching for Driver Who Injured 2 Workers on Elgin O’Hare Expressway (Herald) CTA Preparing for Soaring Ridership During Air & Water Show (DNA) Lots of Placemaking Events Going on This Weekend for “Old Place New Tracks” (MPC) GIF Goodness: A Virtual Tour […]

Today’s Headlines

Metra to Offer Mobile Ticketing, Some Ventra Use, By January 1 (Sun-Times) Kennedy Construction Finishes Early, Carmageddon Predictions Unfounded (Tribune) 1 Out of 5 Rush-Hour Metra BNSF Trains Is Late (Tribune) CTA Use by Low-Income People With Disabilities Has Skyrocketed (Tribune) Teen Charged With Reckless Homicide After Striking Construction Worker  (Sun-Times) Alderman Dowell Speaks Out […]