Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, December 30

  • In Beverly, Everyone is a Pedestrian, and Other Neighborhood Urbanism Hopes for 2016
  • Two Chicagoans Among Those Who Died in Car Crash With Metra Train in Hometown (Tribune)
  • After Response to Battery Call, Driver Almost Hits Police Officer With His Car (DNA)
  • Two People Died After Their Car Crashed Into Tollway Plaza on Tri-State (Sun-Times)
  • Just Like Us: Tribune Finds That People Who Work For Governments Also Speed
  • Cop-on-Bike Arrests Teenage Tagger on the Bloomingdale Trail (DNA)
  • Uber’s Top Destinations List is Pretty Boring Compared to Lyft’s
  • During Protest Outside Mayor Emanuel’s Home, It’s Noted His Sidewalk Isn’t Shoveled (Tribune)
  • Car Insurance Balks at Paying For Medical Injuries Caused by Their Driver’s Dooring (Bike Law Illinois)

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