Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, December 30

  • In Beverly, Everyone is a Pedestrian, and Other Neighborhood Urbanism Hopes for 2016
  • Two Chicagoans Among Those Who Died in Car Crash With Metra Train in Hometown (Tribune)
  • After Response to Battery Call, Driver Almost Hits Police Officer With His Car (DNA)
  • Two People Died After Their Car Crashed Into Tollway Plaza on Tri-State (Sun-Times)
  • Just Like Us: Tribune Finds That People Who Work For Governments Also Speed
  • Cop-on-Bike Arrests Teenage Tagger on the Bloomingdale Trail (DNA)
  • Uber’s Top Destinations List is Pretty Boring Compared to Lyft’s
  • During Protest Outside Mayor Emanuel’s Home, It’s Noted His Sidewalk Isn’t Shoveled (Tribune)
  • Car Insurance Balks at Paying For Medical Injuries Caused by Their Driver’s Dooring (Bike Law Illinois)

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  • Anne A

    That intersection at 87th & Pulaski & Columbus is a dangerous one. It would be a complex intersection even without the grade crossing.
    Map link:,-87.7212277,190m/data=!3m1!1e3

  • Anne A

    I appreciate Jeff Danna’s perspective on Beverly. I wish that more business owners and homeowners would fully grasp the potential of what we could have with a little more effort to make the neighborhood more walkable and bikeable, especially in winter.

  • Email his article to a couple of businesses you patronize and see if their owners are on the same page.

  • That looks like a great place to redesign the streets to be less of a stroad.

    I wanna know the history behind that slip lane on the NE corner of 87th/Pulaski.

  • JeffParkNIMBY

    The whole area is like that. Used to be lots of factories back in the day (think Ford City) but now it’s just excess capacity on both 87th and Pulaski.

  • Anne A

    Those are some awful stroads. Many of the side streets aren’t bad, but trying to cross those major streets as a ped or cyclist can be a nightmare. This particular intersection tends to be a nightmare for everyone.

  • Do you happen to know if this intersection has any intervention planned in the CREATE program?

  • Anne A

    Good question. Wish I knew. I’m not aware of any planned changes there. I think the 75th St. corridor further east is much higher priority.

  • From this map it looks like there’s nothing planned in CREATE for that junction.