Today’s Headlines for Friday, December 11

  • Metra Finally Enters the Modern Era With Free Wi-Fi at All Downtown Stations (Crains)
  • MPC: Our Tenacious Advocacy for Union Station Improvements Is Paying Off
  • IDOT Secretary Blankenhorn Received Court Supervision After a 2004 DUI Arrest (NWI Times)
  • Police Seeking SUV Driver Who Killed Senior in Jeff Park, Fundraiser Launched for Family (DNA)
  • Aurora Teen Charged With Reckless Homicide After Drag Racing Death (Sun-Times)
  • 6 People Arrested During Jefferson Park DUI Sting (DNA)
  • New Streeterville Hotel Would Have No Onsite Parking, Instead Using Existing Garage Spots (DNA)
  • Buena Park Development Approved, Despite Neighbors Concerns About Losing a Parking Lot (DNA)
  • CTA Holiday Train Rides the Blue Line Today and Tomorrow (DNA)

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  • Hurray! Wifi for the stations is great because cellular signals don’t always penetrate very well into them, especially Millennium Station!

  • “New Streeterville Hotel Would Have No Onsite Parking, Instead Using Existing Garage Spots”

    What a concept!

    The Chicago ordinance allows “cooperative” and “shared use” parking. They’re two different rules in the Municipal Code, depending on whether the demand for parking will occur at the same time or different times. But each has this one weird provision: The parking lot to be used by the new building that won’t have its own parking lot has to be within 600 feet (60 feet less than a city block).

    No other transportation amenity has such high standards!

  • Kevin M

    Any idea of restrictions of use for Metra’s wi-fi? Will it time-out after so much use, or is there a limitation of number of connections per NIC per day? I just wonder if they’re concerned about a lot of non-Metra-customers hanging out in the stations just to grab the wi-fi for free?

  • I haven’t used it yet, but I’d expect it to be sponsored by some company and it’ll time out after 30 minutes unless you watch an ad. Like at O’Hare.