Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, December 9

  • Tollway Board Ready to Launch Study of Rte. 53 Extension Despite Opposition (Tribune)
  • Editorial: Tollway Authority to Should Cautiously Consider “Managed Lanes” (Herald)
  • SUV Driver Struck & Killed Woman in Beach Park Parking Lot, No Charges (Tribune)
  • Homicide Charge for Driver Who Crashed Car in Highland Park, Killing 2 Passengers (Sun-Times)
  • Northbound Red Line Trains Will Run Express on North Side This Weekend (Sun-Times)
  • Elburn Opens Anderson Road Bridge, Which Will Connect to Bike Trails (Herald)
  • Developer of “L” TOD Building in Logan Wants to Install Old ‘L’ Car on Roof Deck (Curbed)
  • Funeral Home Wants Liquor License to Prevent Mourners From Tailgating in Parking Lot (Herald)
  • Meet the Artist Who Designed “The Chicago Neighborhood Map” (Tribune)
  • Nike Is Hosting Free Workouts in Floating Gym Docked at Riverwalk (Crains)
  • Driver Who Drove Through Window of Mattress Shop Is Now a Bedding Expert (Sun-Times)

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  • Kevin M

    John, I typically enjoy your headline jokes and puns, and you’ve had some good ones recently. But I don’t follow your “Bedding Expert” joke, and I’m not sure that any joke is appropriate when there’s loss of life in the story. What do you think?

    Also, the op-ed piece on the Tollway “Managed Lane” idea is missing a URL hyperlink.

  • Pat

    Pretty sure it was just a misplace URL.

  • Pat
  • johnaustingreenfield

    Correct, the urls got mixed up; fixed now. I apologize for the mistake. I agree that it’s inappropriate to joke about crashes involving serious injuries or fatalities, but no one was seriously hurt in the mattress store incident. “The Bedding Experts” is a mattress store chain — my bad if the reference was too obscure, but that’s a common problem with my puns.

    Also fixed the tollway story link; thanks for the heads-up.

  • Kevin M

    Okay, cool. Yes, I know “Bedding Experts”, and now that you have the correct link, I get the joke. But when your link pointed to this article, I was confused:

  • johnaustingreenfield

    OK thanks. That’s the last time I’ll do TH before drinking my morning caffeine.

  • Pat

    While we’re fixing things, the Crain’s Nike article also directs to Logan Square Curbed.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    Fixed, thanks. That settles it: I will never again do headlines before I have my morning cup.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    I have a collection of stereopticon cards from the early 1900s. My favorite is the set called Brannigan’s Wake. Never thought of tailgating though. My Irish side of the family was always more discrete and waited until the poor sod was at least in the ground.