Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, November 24

  • City Announces Lyft May Service Airports, McCormick Place; No Word on Uber Yet (Sun-Times)
  • Carter: Springfield Paying Its Normal Share of CTA Funding Wouldn’t Be a “Bailout” (Tribune)
  • 2 “Traffic Experts” Say Chicago’s Speed Cam Program Is Bogus, a “Supporter” Says It Isn’t (Tribune)
  • Pawar Thanks the Dozens of People Who Successfully Advocated for Restored #31 & #11 Bus Service
  • 47th Ward Residents Can Conduct Block Audits to Support Requests for Menu Funds (DNA)
  • SUV Driver Who Crashed Into Ambulance in Streamwood Has Died (Tribune)
  • Lawsuit Alleges Officer Ran Red Without Using Lights or Sirens, Causing Fatal Crash (Tribune)
  • How Many Fares Does It Take for Local Buses to Break Even? (WBEZ)
  • Even During the Ribbon Cutting for the Clybourn PBLs, People Were Parking in Them (DNA)
  • The U. of C. Maroon Digs Into Hyde Park Divvy Data
  • What to Do About Shoveling Scofflaws (Active Trans)
  • Good News for XC Skiers: Only a Portion of The 606 Will be Plowed This Winter (DNA)

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  • Anne A

    While the speed camera program has its flaws, it’s making a positive difference. It’s also providing ample documentation of how big the speeding problem actually is across the city.

  • BlueFairlane

    I’m afraid that the city’s reluctance to admit and fix the flaws, though, will ultimately result in the entire program being scrapped.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    One thing to keep in mind is the Tribune is only claiming that about 2.6% of the tickets are faulty. CDOT is not contesting this and they say they had already refunded most of these tickets before the Tribune started asking about them.

  • GA

    Speaking of blocked lanes the absence of most posts on westbound Kinzie between Wells and Orleans has turned the bike lane into a parking zone. It would be nice if CDOT cared for all the lane’s it’s built a little more actively.

  • BlueFairlane

    While that may be true, the city needs to do a much better job of conveying that message, as well as making it very clear that they’re fixing the problems that exist. Most of what I see amounts to a lot of CYA.

    For example, a 2.6% error rate isn’t a small thing.

  • johnaustingreenfield

    It’s hard to say what an acceptable error rate is for the cam, but when you know that it’s 2.6%, you realize it’s not the epidemic suggested by the Trib’s headline “$2.4 million in bad tickets!”

  • cjlane

    Depends what makes up the 2.6%.

    If it is, as has been implied, mostly “not during school hours” enforcement of 20 mph school zone limits, then that is dumb, bc it is easy to fix.

  • BlueFairlane

    My personal view of automated law enforcement–especially enforcement that requires the payment of a fine that could lead to great complication if not paid, even if that fine is later refunded–is that 2.6% is far from acceptable. And I say that as somebody who had long been a vocal supporter of the cameras. I’d be happy if they could move that decimal a digit to the left. If they can’t improve significantly on that, then I question whether we have the right technology.

    Additionally, from a marketing standpoint, whether you want to express the failure rate as 2.6% or $2.4 million, that translates to 110,000 people who have receive faulty tickets. That’s 110,000 people who are going to have very strong motivation to influence public sentiment away from these cameras. The difference between Rahm and Chuy in the last election was 65,562 votes.

  • The bollard-protected bike lanes on Franklin between at least Kedzie and Spaulding today had lots of cars parked AND were entirely full of puddles, which were halfway iced-over and halfway melted.

    Not ridable at all.

  • what_eva

    The city should be fining New City’s owner whenever a truck doesn’t use the underground loading docks.


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