Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, November 17

  • Semi Driver Fatally Strikes Man on Bike Near North Shore Channel Trail in Skokie (Tribune)
  • Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting Woman After She Left the Harrison Red Line Stop (Tribune)
  • “Transit Diaries” Reporter Discusses Her Own Experience With Being Groped on the Train (RedEye)
  • MPC Hosted a Panel Discussion on the Anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Pullman Metra Stations Will Get a Makeover Next Year (DNA)
  • Ride-Share Use Continues to Grow on the South & West Sides (Curbed)
  • New Lincoln Park School Agrees to Stagger Pick-Up Times to Minimize Traffic Impact (DNA)
  • River North Condo Tower Would Include Lifts to Allow Residents to Park 2 Cars in 1 Spot (Crains)
  • Test-Riding the South Shore Line‘s Bikes-on-Board Program (South Bend Tribune)
  • There’s Now a Place on Yelp Reviews to Mention Whether a Venue Has Bike Parking (The Chainlink)
  • Polar Palooza Event Will Bring Skating Rink to Loyola Red Line Stop (City of Chicago)
  • Mesmerizing Footage of Riding an ‘L’ Train Through the City (Vimeo)

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  • Anne A

    I’m glad that the 111th and 115th St. Metra Electric stations at Pullman are getting *some* improvement. The video illustrates why I don’t use that disgusting mess of a station at 111th.

  • rohmen

    As someone who has ridden the Blue Line at odd times of night, I’m always a fan of riding in the first car as close to the driver as I can get if solo late night. I figure if I get in trouble, I can hopefully quickly reach the driver’s door and knock for help, or at least yell for help.

  • I prefer Foursquare over Yelp (the whininess of reviews on there are obnoxious) so it’d be great if they also added a bike parking notation :)

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Why is it that Curbed, Streetsblog DNA refer companies like Uber, Lyft, etc as rideshare. Are the passengers sharing the ride with another stranger?

    Further to that end an article in Tues. Tribune had Nurses in Uber cars bringing flu shots to people. Which made me wonder are we on the brink of a new ME generation? I call the bring it to me generation. Doordash will bring you KFC now. Amazon prime diapers at 2am. People dont need to plan, they dont need to step out beyond their confines. Will these servic

  • We call it that because that’s what it’s called. I agree that “ride-sharing” is not the most descriptive term for the way most people use services like Uber and Lyft. But until someone coins a better term for it, that’s what we will call it.

  • Unregulated livery service?

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    But the term sharing implies more than a single passenger like a carpooling. Warm and fuzzy and so attractive sounding. It may reduce some cars from the street but overall will all these new ride services and quick delivery services actually reduce miles driven. Even Groupon is now trying to gain traction in the quick delivery business. Uber will bring you food at lunch. While some people may now benefit from these ride share and quick delivery services by no longer needing a car, what will be the paradigm shift if people realize they don’t need a bike either.