Today’s Headlines for Friday, November 6

  • Pace’s Bus-on-Shoulder Shows That When You Speed Bus Service, Ridership Booms (MPC)
  • Emanuel Defends His Record on Taxi / Ride-Share Parity (Sun-Times)
  • Uber’s Carpooling Service UberPool Is Coming to Chicago Soon (Tribune)
  • EPA Testing Finds High Levels of Pollution on Union Station Platforms (Tribune)
  • As City Recruits Riverwalk Vendors, Focus Is on Making It a Year-Round Attraction (DNA)
  • Man Riding Motorbike on Sidewalk Knocks Woman Unconscious, Flees the Scene (ABC)
  • Drivers Try to Run Over Police in Harvey & Naperville (Sun Times, Tribune)
  • 45th Ward Is Holding 5 Participatory Budgeting Hearings (DNA)
  • Round-the-Clock Work on Wilson Station This Weekend (DNA)
  • NW Side School Promotes Cycling, But Unsafe Streets Are an Obstacle (Active Trans)
  • Photo of Couple Who Put Money in Sleeping Man’s Bag on Blue Line Goes Viral (Tribune)
  • See You at Benefits for Slow Roll Chicago on Saturday & West Town Bikes on Monday

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  • Jeff H

    Fewer trips on LSD… I see what you did there.

  • It seems to me that about the only thing holding back the Bus-on-Shoulder is adequate everyday and evening (and night-time?) frequency.

  • That headline eventually got squeezed out due to more pressing news due to our limit of a dozen headlines per TH, but the original line was “Nighttime Closures of the Drive Near S-Curve Next Week Will Mean Fewer Trips on LSD” or something.

  • The “NW Side School Promotes Cycling” is my school (in fact, I’m in their first photo helping a kid with her bike), but the story is written kind of strangely from the POV of a local.

    They seem to think the biggest barrier to kid transportational cycling in the area is the Kennedy ramps — which, fair enough, if you have to cross them, they’re annoying. But worse than the ramps are:

    * the mudslicks (sprinkled with dead pigeons) that form on the sidewalks under the highway overpasses, because the alderman only powerwashes them off a couple times a year when people complain, not as a regular budget item
    * trying to cross Elston at quieter side-streets that actually have sidewalks wide enough for kids to bike safely on … which means they don’t have a light or any way to cause high-speed motorists to actually stop for you and comply with state law
    * drivers regularly blowing through the many mini-roundabouts that were installed for “traffic calming” in the area, in any direction they want and with casual disregard for anything but automotive speed and convenience

    Waiting at the stoplights for your turn to cross the freeway ramps, and then exercising due diligence and watching for people driving like maniacs and ignoring the stoplights, is actually nowhere near as dangerous as any or all of those three points.


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