Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, October 21

  • Rahm Wants to Hike (Rarely Enforced) Fines for Businesses That Don’t Shovel Sidewalks (Tribune)
  • Woman Hospitalized After Crashing SUV Into Pace Bus, Then Storefront in Winnetka (Sun-Times)
  • Police: Motorcyclist Who Killed a Pedestrian Ran Red at Buckingham Fountain Crosswalk (Tribune)
  • Man Allegedly Exposed Himself to Metra Passengers at Bartlett Station (Tribune)
  • After Yellow Line Reopens, There’ll Be Free Parking at Dempster for the Rest of Year (Tribune)
  • TOD Project Near Division Blue Line Stop Gets Building Permit (Curbed)
  • Parking-Lite Development Planned for Former Elevator Factory in University Village (DNA)
  • DNA: Theater on the Lake Divvy Station Is the Busiest in Lincoln Park
  • Sticker Shock: Hopefully the Owner of This Car Does More Drinking Than Driving (DNA)

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  • Anne A

    On the issue of shoveling scofflaws, I appreciate the mostly clean sidewalks in the Loop, with one notable exception – terrible snow removal around the federal courthouse once you get away from the entrances. The conditions of the street corners at the NE corner of Jackson & Dearborn and the SE corner of Adams & Dearborn tend to be appalling in snowy conditions. They certainly fail at maintaining ADA access there, and often at maintaining safe access for able bodied people.

    Who do we complain to about that? And you know the feds will never get ticketed. It’s a notable contrast to the excellent job they do across the street by the post office and federal office building.

  • cjlane

    “you know the feds will never get ticketed”

    Well, there is a pretty decent reason for that. The Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution, as interpreted, exempts the Federales from any jurisdiction of the states or their municipalities.

    Now, could one (with standing-that is someone with a disability who has trouble accessing the courthouse bc of the snow) be able to make out a civil rights claim against the GSA? Yeah, probably. But that’s a lot of brain damage.

    Short of that, I would probably send a letter copying all of the following people:

    Thomas G. Bruton, Clerk of Court
    Chief Judge Ruben Castillo, ND Ill
    Chief Judge Diane Wood, 7th Cir.
    Zachary Fardon, US Attorney

    And hope that their staff sends it along to the appropriate GSA folks.

  • Anne A

    Thank you for the suggestion and info. In light of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, I have found the negligent behavior of the maintenance people at that building deplorable, to put it MUCH more nicely than they deserve.