Today’s Headlines for Monday, September 14

  • Editorial: Congress Should Extend the Deadline for Positive Train Control (Sun-Times)
  • Agreement for Lucas Museum Includes a 1,500-Car, Off-Site Parking Garage (Tribune)
  • Aldermen Call for Ride-Share Surcharge to Increase Along With Surge Pricing (Sun-Times)
  • No Charges for Driver Who Fataly Struck Cyclist at Virgil Gilman Trail (Herald)
  • Police: Woman Threatened Officers During DUI Arrest (Herald)
  • Roll-On Bike Service on Amtrak’s Chicago-to-D.C. Line Starts This Fall (Tribune)
  • Ray LaHood’s Son Darin Wins Aaron Schock’s Former Congressional Seat (Tribune)
  • TOD Tower Proposed for 1920 N. Milwaukee (DNA)
  • Panelists Discuss the History of the Americans With Disabilities Act (Active Trans)
  • “Stop Telling Women to Smile” Mural Addresses Street Harassment (DNA)
  • Steinberg Ponders the Advent of Self-Driving Cars (Sun-Times)
  • Letter: A Driver & a Cyclist Almost Hit Me, Therefore a Crackdown on Cyclists Is Needed (Tribune)

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  • ohsweetnothing

    re: Trib editorial.

    To be fair, the woman writing is advocating for increased traffic enforcement across the board. The Tribune’s takeaway is “crackdown on bicycles”…conveniently leaving out that she was also advocating for more red light cameras as well.

  • Right, there is a sensible sentence near the end: “Cameras may not be liked, but for those who drive cautiously, they do not present an issue.” I just though it was ironic that, while the woman was nearly struck by a driver and a cyclist at the same time, the bulk of the letter is about the need for licensing bikes.

  • Kevin M

    I don’t know all important details yet, but from what I gathered, I like the proposed TOD development at 1920 N Milwaukee. I like the low number of parking spaces and small retailer spaces.

  • Matt F

    irony: car ran red light. almost kills woman. solution: make cyclists adhere to red light cameras.

  • Niles

    How great would it be if Congress *didn’t* extend the PTC deadline? I would love to see the ensuing freak-out…

  • I really don’t see why they’ve blown the deadline. They had since 2008. The only reasons I can imagine for why they’re not completely finished with the upgrades involve them deliberately dragging their feet and skipping steps in order to make a point or to try to argue Congress into changing the policy.