Today’s Headlines for Friday, September 11

  • Union Pacific & BNSF Plan to Suspend Operations Rather Than Violate PTC Deadline (Tribune)
  • Pace Bus Riders Who Pay With Cash Could See a 25-Cent Fare Increase (Tribune)
  • Civic Federation Calls for Abolishing Menu Program, Emanuel Says That’s a Non-Starter (Sun-Times)
  • Uber Will Lease Cars to Chicago Ride-Share Drivers Who Don’t Own Them (DNA)
  • Sikh American Harassed & Attacked in Road Rage Incident That Turned Into Hate Crime (Sun-Times)
  • Senior Who Was Mugged After Leaving SW Side ‘L’ Station Says Better Street Lighting Is Needed (DNA)
  • How Fear of Crime Affects Transit Use (MPC)
  • Driver Crashes Into Building That Houses Cut Cats Courier Bike Delivery Service (Tribune)
  • 2 More Red Light Cams Will Be Removed on the NW Side (DNA)
  • Affordable Housing Removed From Plan for New Aldi Complex by The 606 (DNA)
  • Weekend Parking on Logan Square Boulevards Will No Longer Be Officially Legal (DNA)
  • Lake County Is Making 3 Electric Car Chargers Available to the Public (Herald)

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  • PTC (Positive Train Control). Once again it is time to remind ouirselves about nationalizing the rail trackage in the U.S. Of course, with neo-liberal privatization of government still the default ideology there is little chance of that happening. IMHO.

  • Rampage

    When was the last time the government successfully ran something in a cost efficient manner?

  • South Red Line rehab?

  • All large organizational projects involve an element of waste. The notion that government is any worse is a creature of a political ideology that wants government to fail.

  • Social Security in the U.S. Incredibly efficient cost wise and service wise. In Illinois the drivers license facilities are really efficient especially now with on-line renewal. In fact when it comes to cost efficiencies these days often government does it better than many large corporations.

    Have you ever tried to use Comcast service. Do you like using Microsoft operating systems

    Your ideologies are showing their wear.

  • Rampage

    Your “examples” dont really carry much weight. Social security literally just electronically deposits money in peoples accounts. They are also not expecting to be solvent for much longer. Comcast has many competitors, if you dont like it, switch. Same with Microsoft

    Venezuela nationalized everything, why dont you report on how that’s going. The government ran massive housing projects for years in Chicago, how did that turn out? cps spends massive dollars per student and most schools are atrocious.

    After the airlines were deregulated here and freed in Britain, service improved and fares got cheaper.

    Your ideologies are best in lala land.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Re: Aldi’s project. I see the seemingly one way shots in the media have continued between Waguespack and Moreno.

  • Your notions don’t match mine. Just because Social Security uses computers doesn’t disqualify it from counting as an efficient operation. Your use of the word “literally” is literally sloppy at best. Social Security has to collect money from employers and it has to interface with new-comers and old-timers receiving Social Security. But in any case, as an insurance operation it is far and away more efficient than private insurance operations.

    Social Security is as sound as all other government operations. Some propagandists like to create projections into the future to make it appear to be unsound but other propagandists are able to make sound arguments that such projections are bunk. Get your facts straight on that one.

    Comcast has few competitors and runs a crap business. Because of the oligopoly they participate in here in the U.S. our internet is behind at least a dozen other countries in terms of quality and speed. Same with Microsoft for that matter.

    Seriously you want to use Venezuala as an example of anything? Look at Iceland if you want a ridiculous place to use as an example. And once again your facts are wrong. They did not nationalize everything. Maybe you are thinking of North Korea.

    CPS is doing as good or better job than their Charter competition. They can also do as good a job as their pure private competition like Latin or Parker. Sorry that one does not compute.

    A private company created the Hidenburg. Look how that turned out. Anyone can cherry pick examples. The Chicapo Public Housing had many reasons for failure. But then look at all of the private housing in the slums of Chicago. They are slums. So much for the private sector being better in that area.

    Airlines. You like riding on the latest iteration of airlines do you? Oh wait you want cheap.But then what about all the government subsidies the airlines get. Oh right those don’t count. They are delivered electronically.

  • Kevin M

    Thank you, Jeff. Excellent responses.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Agreed. And then, for a longer historical perspective, there are the NASA space program of the 1960s and that little business of the Allied victories in World War II.

  • R.A. Stewart

    If it were just Amtrak and commuter rail service in prospect of shutting down, the Congressional majority would just sit back and say “Mission accomplished.” It will be interesting to see how they respond with freight in the picture.

  • warren49

    I am a day or so late to the discussion, but I need to say something. As soon as you mention “nationalizing” trackage, the assumption by many is that you mean nationalizing the railroads, which is different. My personal opinion is that one, if not the major reason, why a efficient national passenger system is virtually impossible in the US is the lack of infrastructure on which to run it. Allowing the freight railroads to veto the use of their rails any time a new passenger route is proposed is an unworkable situation. It goes beyond just denying the use of existing rails. Passenger systems at both the federal and state levels have offered to construct additional trackage along existing freight railways for passenger use and those proposals are denied too (extension of the Amtrak California Capital Corridor route to Reno is a good example). As long as passenger rail is left to piece-meal a system together, there will never be a coherent national passenger rail system in the United States. We will continue to live with sometimes “tolerable” corridors, but nothing more.

  • I was prepared to clarify my comment had an honest novice to the concept asked. But it was clear that Rampage was intent on promulgating a tired set of political bromides.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Well, thank you both, for the original comment and the clarification.

  • cjlane

    “After the airlines were deregulated here … service improved”

    Which aspect of service?

    That’s really an odd contention, that airline service is better than it was in the 60s/70s.