Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, August 26

  • Who’s to Blame for The Yellow Line Embankment Collapse? (Sun-Times)
  • Lime Line, AKA Mid-City Transitway Could Connect the West Side (Active Trans)
  • IL House Is Considering Legislation to Free Up Fuel-Tax Money Owed to Local Governments (Southern)
  • Lisa Madigan & Emanuel Are Demanding Explanation for Recent Gas Price Spike (Tribune)
  • 5 of the Most Congested Stretches of Road Are in Chicagoland (Tribune)
  • Rauner Signs Bill Granting Immunity From DUI Prosecution for Minors Who Call 911 (SJR)
  • Kane County Prosecutor Charged With DUI (Herald)
  • Village of Bartlett & RTA Want to Promote Development Near Local Metra Stop (Herald)
  • Rebuilding Exchange Is Auctioning Off Pieces of Madison & Wabash Stations (DNA)
  • Public Meeting on Pace’s Pulse Express Bus Service Tonight at the Copernicus Center (DNA)
  • CNU, AIA Plan to “Brighten Sunnyside Mall” With Art Installations This Thursday (DNA)
  • Public Meeting on Improvements to Touhy/Ridge/Rogers on September 2 (49th Ward)

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  • Lime Line? I’m all for it. That BRT is acceptable to the people proposing it is a a real plus. Anybody have any idea whether a BRT there would be any easier to sell than Ashland? It seems to me to have potential. My one concern is that Cicero is not as dense an urban environment as Ashland. But I am just guessing.

  • Ashland has 30k~ weekday riders while Cicero has 15k~ (Including the A/B routes) so already you’re getting less bang for the buck. The southern connection from the Orange Line to the Red Line would add more riders but it would probably still fall short of Ashland’s.

    As for the “sell” it depends on where the alignment ends up. Cicero Ave has issues because it’s heavily used by the trucking industry so the potential for blowback is high, especially on the tighter sections. And it’s not like the same arguments from residents/merchants on Ashland would suddenly not come up again.

    The Rail option might be politically easier but would add walk time for destinations on Cicero Ave. It also runs into Freight Track Rights with UP, BRC, and CSX owning sections of the RoW. Any one of these companies could object to a sale or jack up the price to obscene amounts. Not to mention numerous flyovers are required to get over junctions would increase capital costs as well.

    Added all up Ashland is still the best BRT corridor in the city.

  • An actual train line (independent of snow and traffic in a way BRT can never be) on that rail right of way connecting most of the way up the side of the city would be a massive game-changer and drive ridership systemwide, because finally there’d be a way to go north and south that doesn’t mean sitting through downtown.

  • Cameron Puetz

    The immunity law isn’t about DUIs. It’s about minor in possession and other drug control laws.

  • Just had an opportunity to drive Cicero today Friday around 3pm to 4:30 from 95th to Devon ave. Quite fast for that time IMHO. Not a lot of congestion. Three lanes each way south of Ogden. Again IMHO brt is quite doable. Some parts near the sanitary canal very un-dense and lots of malls south of there though. Of course more density where the street is narrowist.