Today’s Headlines for Friday, August 21

  • RedFlex CEO Pleads Guilty to Bribery Charges (Tribune)
  • Residents Hold Rally Against Rte. 53 Extension (Herald)
  • Letter: The Longmeadow Parkway Would Suck Retail Business Away From the Villages (Herald)
  • Des Plaines Wants Flashing Light Where 2 Ped Crashes Happened Within Hours (Herald)
  • 275-Unit Complex in Wicker Would Have 156 Spaces, Walkway Connecting Division & Milwaukee (DNA)
  • TOD With 1:4 Parking Ratio Proposed Near Western Brown Stop Gets Backlash From Neighbors (DNA)
  • Mount Prospect Want to Make Downtown More Pedestrian-Friendly (Herald)
  • Tribune Anti-BRT Crank John McCarron Is at It Again
  • UberESPAÑOL Launches in Chicago, Allowing Customers to Request a Spanish-Speaking Driver (DNA)
  • Another $19.5 Million Is Being Spent on the $820 Million Jane Addams Tollway Rehab (Tribune)
  • For Once, IDOT Is Recommending Public Transit as a Road Construction Alternative (Sun-Times)
  • Once Again, Neighbors Oppose a Plan to Improve Jefferson Park, Killing SSA Proposal (DNA)

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  • Joseph Rappold

    is it me or does most of the editorial team at the tribune hate the city? between kass, mccarron, and mcqueary they are really getting shrill in their whining. I mean the city has issues a plenty but good things are happening and the editorial staff seems to ignore or criticize everything positive. my hunch is that the suburban readership enjoys the city bashing but i dont know

  • Jeremy

    Do they even live in the city? A while ago, Rob Johnson on channel 2 did a piece complaining about the BRT construction in the Loop. According to his bio, he lives in the suburbs.

  • R.A. Stewart

    It’s not just you.

  • david vartanoff

    The Metra pass change reminds me of the rules for monthly commuter passes on Southern Pacific between San Francisco and San Jose in the 1970s. The tickets were for the use of the purchaser or “any domestic servant of same.”

  • R.A. Stewart

    Kind of hard to find info on some of them, at least in the few minutes I had available. John Kass lives in Naperville, I think. Clarence Page used to live in Chicago, now lives outside Washington–of course Clarence doesn’t have the typical Trib viewpoint either; somehow I doubt he writes their editorials. :-)

    The irony strikes me sometimes when I’m reading a typical Tribune rant against Chicago public schools, the union, tenure, teacher’s pensions and high salaries, you can’t just throw money at CPS, we need more charter schools, blah blah blah, most of us could write the editorial for them–and I know at least some of these folks are out in DuPage and the North Shore, sending their kids to some of the best schools in the country–

    –where funding is lavish;

    –where districts have very few charter schools;

    –where teachers are unionized, tenured, highly paid, and vested in a pension system.

    I don’t know why the disconnect doesn’t register.