Today’s Headlines for Tuesday, August 18

  • Red Light Cams Have Generated $284.9 Million in Fines Since Emanuel Took Office (Sun-Times)
  • Op-Ed: Ordinance With Rules for Privatization Would Help Prevent Another Meter Fiasco (Sun-Times)
  • Metra Installs Free Charging Station for Electronic Gadgets at Millennium Station (Tribune)
  • After Woman Is Injured by Falling Pedestrian Shelter at O’Hare, Family Is Suing the City (CBS)
  • Officers Shot and Wounded Man They Say Was Trying to Strike Them With a Stolen Car (DNA)
  • Police: Chicago Man Said He Rode Purple Line to Wilmette to Burglarize Bike Store (Tribune)
  • A Look at Slow Roll Chicago’s Englewood Outreach Efforts (DNA)
  • Teens From After School Matters Design Bike Racks for Albany Park (DNA)
  • Some of Chicago’s Most Scenic Public Transportation Routes (Tribune)
  • 16 of Chicago’s Best, Often-Overlooked, Public Green Spaces (Crain’s)
  • Man: Bus DriverĀ Enforced “Judgemental Dress Code” by Making Me Button Up My Shirt (Tribune)

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  • Oh good, I’m not the only weirdo who rides the Brown Line for fun.

  • duppie
  • Guest
  • The mixed feelings are real. On the one hand its great to see the X busses return after getting cut but what does this mean for Ashland BRT? Could be a stop-gap measure until Loop Link can build up some hard data that Bus Lanes are a good thing. However, the pessimist inside me fears this is really the death knell for the project.

    Hopefully we’ll get more solid answers at the press conference that starts in 30~ minutes.

  • BlueFairlane

    Of that $284.9 million in revenue generated by red light cameras, exactly $0 were contributed by me. (I got a warning from a speeding camera once, but that’s been my only interaction with the cameras.) It is possible to live in a world with traffic cameras and not get tickets. Just don’t run red lights.

  • rohmen

    Not to excuse it, but the majority are likely rolling right on red tickets, right?

    I remember watching something on CBS (or one of the other locals) where they got like 50 people together who had been ticketed and swore they didn’t run a red, and all of them essentially rolled right without coming to a full and complete stop. That type of conduct is so ingrained in people they can’t even recall that they did it.