Today’s Headlines

  • Frustrated With the Slow Progress of Infrastructure Trust, Emanuel Is Rebooting It (Tribune)
  • Tunney: Belmont/Clark TOD Will Improve Safety by Putting More Eyes on the Street (DNA)
  • Local Megabus Drivers Threaten to Go on Strike (Crain’s)
  • TransitCenter Report Details How Transpo Advocates Influenced Chicago Policy (Active Trans)
  • Aurora Woman Who Killed a Couple With Her Car Is Fighting to Get Out of Jail (Herald)
  • Man Convicted of 3rd DUI: “I Made One Gigantic Bad Decision” (Herald)
  • Letter: If I Had Struck That Cyclist While Turning Right in My Car, Whose Fault Would It Be?
  • Bike Advocate Bob Kastigar Featured in Tribune Article on Why Seniors Are Taking Up Cycling
  • Metra Southwest Service Trains Delayed by Track Fire (Tribune)
  • Metra Board Member for McHenry County Is Stepping Down (Tribune)
  • CTA Warns of Nighttime Noise During Construction on Red Line in Uptown (DNA)
  • String of Car Burglaries at South Side Metra Stations (Sun-Times)

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  • ohsweetnothing

    Is there something I’m missing re: the question posed in the Tribune op-ed? The answer seems pretty straightforward to me, but I want to make sure I’m not overlooking something before I commence eye rolling.

  • rohmen

    I’m not an expert here, but I actually wonder how straightforward this is. On the one hand, the car has a duty to make sure the path is clear before completing the turn. On the other hand, if the car is in a right turn lane (or even a regular lane where a right is permitted) and has signaled, can a cyclist (as a road user) legally pass the turning car on the right? I’d actually be interested to hear the official answer to that—if it’s cut and dry.

    At a minimum, it shows a flaw in our road designs, as even if a cyclist has the legal right to pass a turning car, the cyclist is operating in a known blind spot and creating a situation where an accident could happen.

  • nick
  • “Can a cyclist (as a road user) legally pass the turning car on the right?” Yes. Check out the other link in the headline.

  • rohmen

    i generally pride myself on at least a decent level of reading comprehension, and I checked out the article, which to me says it’s ambiguous. Was it resolved? Did we adopt a California standard? I would tend to agree the law is silly when applied to cyclists passing stopped traffic on the right when not near an intersection, something I do all the time.

    That said, it amazes me how many cyclists I see pass on the right while a car is turning right at an intersection (sometimes mid-turn), which is something I would advocate a cyclist against doing. The car may technically be at fault if the accident happens, but due to the reality of blind-spots in any vehicle, that action is setting a cyclist up for an almost unavoidable accident.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I can think of very few scenarios that the author of the letter described where the cyclist was not either behind her or to the right of her for a material period of time. Could it have been one of those legitimate “out of nowhere” scenarios? Possibly, but my own anecdotal experience and the way she describes the “near miss” incident (which seems to bother people like her 10x more than ACTUAL traffic crashes/deaths) tells me it is unlikely.

    I’ll also admit I’m being presumptive based on the overall tone of her letter, which is another problem in and of itself.

    And this isn’t me angry at your response rohmen, it’s me tired of letters like the op-ed getting treated as reasonable positions.

  • rohmen

    I agree she’s likely full of BS. But having lived near the corner of Damen and Division for over 7 years, I can tell you anecdotally that close calls where a car turning right almost takes out a cyclist passing on the right through an intersection was a scarily-common observation. And in those instances I’m talking about, the cyclist had approached the turning car from behind.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Dueling anecdotes! Although I gotta admit I can totally see this playing out at that intersection. Especially on Damen…especially especially going northbound on Damen.