Today’s Headlines

  • Emanuel, McCarthy Discuss the Benefits of Policing by Bike (DNA)
  • Active Trans Celebrates South Shore Victory, Calls for Closing Burnham Greenway Gap
  • More Southland Communities Want Walkability, Transit-Oriented Development (Tribune)
  • Taxi Drivers Are Forming a Union to Fight for “A Level Playing Field” With Ride-Sharing (DNA)
  • CPS Is Pushing Many High Schools’ Start Times Back to Save on Transportation Costs (DNA)
  • Fundraiser Is Being Held for Family of 12-Year-Old Boy Killed in Bike/Car Crash (Keating)
  • Cyclist Struck While Waiting at Red Light Receive 2 Separate Settlements (Keating)
  • Editorial: For Safety, Grayslake Street That’s Open Now Should Be Gated Again (Herald)
  • Arlington Heights Residents Successfully Lobby to Get 7 Stop Signs Installed (Herald)
  • Residents Want to Landmark Funky, Tiled Old Town Block to Protect It From Developers (Crains)
  • Cars Can Now Be Booted on Private Property in More Than Half the City (DNA)
  • CNU & AIA Holding a Tactical Urbanism Event to “Brighten Sunnyside Mall” on August 27

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  • Am I missing something? Why would a private property owner want to boot a car on their lot? Don’t you want to get rid of the car (a.k.a. tow it)? I get that a tow truck probably can’t get there as soon as someone with a boot but, once you put the boot on the car, aren’t you worsening the problem?

  • Kevin M

    I’m guessing the property owner gets a kick-back.

  • BlueFairlane

    Boots as a concept never made sense to me for this very reason. Putting it on a private lot makes it even more puzzling.

    My guess is this is more a benefit to the towing companies than to the lot owners, as they don’t have to spend the time and the money on gas to tow the car. They can slap on a bunch of boots at once.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I imagine it’s easier to “catch” multiple violators at once?