Today’s Headlines for Thursday, July 23

  • Divvy Will Be Giving Out Free Passes & Cliff Bars at 10 Stations Around the City This Weekend
  • The Tribune Doubles Down on Their False Claim Divvy “Has Yet to Steer Clear of Red Ink”
  • Crains Counts The 606 & Ventra — Yes, Ventra — as 2 Things Chicago Government Got Right
  • Metra Chairman: Smartphone App Doesn’t Mean We Won’t Create Universal Farecard (Tribune)
  • Oak Lawn Woman Charged With Reckless Homicide After Fatally Striking Pedestrian (Tribune)
  • Truman Square Neighbors: Most Young People Moving Into Wilson TODs Won’t Own Cars (DNA)
  • Unlicensed Teen Driver Crashes Into Day Car Center in Beach Park (ABC)
  • Mother Recounts Witnessing a Terrifying Car Crash With Her Daughter (Tribune)
  • Computer Glitch Affected Ticket Sales During Metra’s Morning Rush (Tribune)
  • WTTW Checks in With Slow Roll Chicago
  • CDOT Is Looking for Volunteers to Help Out With Summer Bike Counts (Active Trans)

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  • Pat

    Regarding the reckless homicide, the woman was from Oak Lawn, not Oak Park.

    Gotta look out for my hometown.

  • cjlane

    “The Tribune Doubles Down on Their False Claim Divvy “Has Yet to Steer Clear of Red Ink””

    From the prior post on this, John’s own paraphrase of Hilkevitch:

    “He points out that the system, which launched in June of 2013, posted a $171,000 operating loss for the remainder of that year, and a $500,000 operating loss in 2014.”

    the accuracy of which was not refuted in the post.

    An Operating Loss is certainly one definition of “red ink”. Relying on disagreement with a reasonable (unstated) definition to assert that Tribune is making a False Claim is pretty petty, and could itself be construed as a False Claim.

  • Good catch, thanks. Here’s a post about walking 95th Street in Oak Lawn:

  • John, can you report on what data we have on Divvy’s finances?

  • Perhaps I should have said “misleading” instead of false in this headline. Sure, you could argue than an operating loss is a type of “red ink,” even though the system is making money overall.

    But I stand by my statement that the Trib article is spun to make it seem like the day pass price is a desperate measure the city is taking because the system is bleeding cash, when that’s not the case at all.

    I also believe that Hilkevitch’s statement “Divvy posted a $500,000 operating loss in 2014, and the city used grants that it received for the federally funded program to erase the deficit” is inaccurate, since you can’t use these federal transportation grants for operations, only infrastructure. I’m looking into the issue now.

  • I put in a request for numbers on the ad revenue and may have that soon.

  • cjlane

    Fair enough. Look forward to the results of the digging.

    And, I don’t disagree that the article is intended to have the spin you read in it. I didn’t really read it that way, but your reading is fair, too.

    That said, an operating loss is *absolutely* “red ink”. Not the sole interpretation of the term, but a 100% valid interpretation.

  • Thanks. I’ll leave the accounting to the CPAs, but if Divvy is covering operating expenses with a combination of user fees (membership, day passes and late fees) and advertising/sponsorships, that is a huge success.