Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, June 24

  • Witnesses: Man Was Riding Bike on Blue Line Tracks Before He Was Electrocuted (Tribune)
  • 1 Killed, 2 Injured in Crash in Hubbard’s Cave on the Kennedy Expressway (Tribune)
  • Toddler Injured by Driver in Hoffman Estates, Days After Young Girl Was Fatally Struck (Sun-Times)
  • Mundelein Trustee Refuses to Step Down After DUI Charges, Pressure From Mayor (Tribune)
  • Yellow Line Closure Means CTA Can’t Access Largest ‘L’ Car Repair Facility by Rail (Tribune)
  • Burns Urges Residents to Ride Pershing Bus on Weekends So CTA Doesn’t Cut Service (DNA)
  • CTA Announces Extended Bus Route to the Beaches (DNA)
  • Emanuel: We’ve Repaved 65 Miles of Streets This Year, 300 Planned (Mayor’s Office)
  • Don’t Panic: Ads for The 606 Are Funded by Trust for Public Land, Not the City (DNA)
  • Police, Bicycling Ambassadors Will Be Doing Targeted Enforcement of Bike Laws (DNA)
  • Thanks to Rock-Throwing Thugs, Mall Agrees to Stop Booting DQ Customers’ Cars After 9 p.m. (Tribune)
  • Presented Without Comment: People Smash a Car With Baseball Bats to Fund ALS Research (DNA)

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  • In re the targeted enforcement of laws against misbehaving cyclists — what about some teeth on the “Do not park in the bike lanes, no really, don’t do it” laws? Are there plans, do you know?

  • There are laws against that???

  • Quicky general Streetsblog-ish question: It’s now 3 weeks since the 606 opened. Milwaukee under the overpass was ground off and repaved. All the other nearby streets, including Damen, are still ground-off corduroy surface.

    Does anyone have a timeline for when CDOT intends to, y’know, fix the streets?

  • Tom Foyer

    What is ground off corduroy? Is that code for streets that are under construction and basically flatten your tires when you ride on them? I honestly think that the infrastructure in Chicago is administrated by a sadist. I cannot count the times that I have almost bittan the dust with potholes.

  • Info should be available here:

  • Nope, no info about repaving the streets that cross under it. The construction updates are all about trail-level improvements.

    In general that site is only useful if you want glossy press release style information about the trail itself, not anything wider in scope.

  • It’s me attempting to be descriptive in my language. When the machine that grinds off the top 2-4 inches of old asphalt goes through, it leaves a grooved lowered surface behind, into which new asphalt is eventually poured.

    It looks kind of like corduroy fabric to me, so there you go.

  • R.A. Stewart

    I think there’s some kind of rule here that when a stretch of pavement is ground down to that level, it must be left untouched in that condition for at least six months.

    I found your description apt. When I was growing up in southern Illinois, there were still a few of what we called “corduroy roads” in the country, which had been paved by laying logs across the roadbed. Helluva note that what we considered primitive in the poor end of the state 50 years ago was not all that less drivable than some of Chicago’s streets today.

  • For the record, they’re STILL not repaved. Milwaukee is, but nothing else, not even Damen.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Japery aside, the chances approach zero that you’ll see pavement before September. Chicago’s contractors, you may have noticed, like to tear up streets and intersections all over the city in early spring, leave the sites barricaded and nearly impassible but otherwise deserted all summer, and then move their crews and equipment back in during the first week of school, the better to disrupt the influx of school buses and parental SUVs and minivans.

    If the streets in question aren’t part of the back-to-school special, they’ll be finished no sooner than November or early December.