Today’s Headlines for Thursday, June 18

  • South Shore Wins Active Trans‘ Broken Spoke Award as the Only U.S. Commuter Line to Ban Bikes
  • Metra Is Bracing for State Funding Cuts by Considering Fare Hike & Service Cuts (Tribune)
  • Teenage Driver Jumps Curb, Kills 46-Year-Old Man in West Pullman; Citations Pending (Tribune)
  • 80-Year-Old Man Fatally Struck in Crystal Lake, Driver Not Cited (Sun-Times)
  • Driver Sentenced to Life in Prison for Intentionally Running a Car off the Road, Killing 2 (Sun-Times)
  • Op-Ed: Prioritizing O’Hare Express Over Neighborhood Transit Would Be Inequitable (Sun-Times)
  • Advocates Point to Stanley Cup Delivery Delay as Evidence We Need a New Transpo Bill (The Hill)
  • Arf! Metra Will Test Pets-on-Trains on Rock Island Line on Weekends, Starting July 4 (Crains)
  • Palatine Adding 19 Miles of Bike Lanes & Routes Next Summer (Daily Herald)
  • Multitudes Will be Dumping the Pump by Taking CTA & Metra to Blackawks Rally Today
  • No, The 606 Is Not Named After an Old Chicago Burlesque Club (Tribune)

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  • BlueFairlane

    Considering that one of the reasons the city abandoned the name “Bloomingdale,” which everybody already knew, because they were afraid people would confuse it with the department store, I find the idea that some people think it pays homage to a strip club hilarious.

    I never liked the name they picked for the thing. For one thing, 606 was the area code where I grew up. For another, calling it “The 606,” complete with definite article, makes it sound like a Southern California highway.

  • Sprit1e

    You are obviously not from around here.

  • BlueFairlane


  • Hey folks, no squabbling please. Thank you.

  • Tom Foyer

    The point is we can name our trails whatever we want. 606 sounds good to me. I don’t really think much about the name of a trail when I am riding it. It is kind of like my girl friends’s name. It doesn’t matter what her name is when you ride her.

  • Wow. What makes you think it’s at all appropriate to drop comments about “riding” women into a topic-based blog followed by people of all genders? Just, wow, dude. You think that’s a normal way to speak, apparently. Huh.

  • Tom Foyer

    Next time I will talk about riding my boyfriend. Is that pc enough for you?

  • Why would you bring a blatantly sexual metaphor into a general-interest site in the first place? It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it creates a hostile environment for actually talking about urbanism and transport (which is what *I’m* here to do).

  • Tom Foyer

    Chill Eli. Go for a ride.

  • Tom, let’s chalk this one up under “unnecessary profanity”: While we tolerate the occasional four-letter word, it’s important to us to maintain a comment board where everyone feels welcome, so please refrain from overtly sexual posts in the future. Additional comments along these lines will be deleted. Thanks.