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  • duppie

    I rode down to the Cal-Sag trail opening on Saturday with a group of friends. That trail is absolutely fantastic. I connects with the Centennial trail on the west side, and provides one segment with over 6 miles of riding without a single road crossing. I think that just may be unique in Chicagoland. I saw a bald eagle soaring as well as my first hummingbird of the season. Combined with the unexpected nice weather, it made for an awesome day.

    And with ever more craft breweries opening in the South suburbs, there a some good destinations too. Polyanna, Imperial Oak, and Blue Island Brewery are all on or near the trail

  • Kevin M

    Thanks for the review and mention of the brewpubs; sounds like a fun ride to put in my future.

  • duppie

    Here is the route we did.

  • Jeff H

    Trip marked as private.

  • duppie

    Thanks. Should work now

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