Today’s Headlines for Friday, May 29

  • IL Lawmakers Want $5 Surcharge on Traffic Tickets to Fund Police Body Cameras (Tribune)
  • 4 Republican Rauner Appointees Take Seats on IL Tollway Authority (Tribune)
  • CTA Piloting an Additional Evening Run of Purple Line Express (City of Evanston)
  • Metra Adding Express Service to Weekend Trains on Rock Island Line (Sun-Times)
  • 42 Businesses Come Out in Favor of Keeping Kinzie PBLs in Place (Active Trans)
  • Active Trans Makes an Argument in Support of the Belmont Flyover
  • Why Is an Auto Parts Store Going in Next to a Metra Stop? (Main Street Beverly)
  • Mississauga News Gives Ex-Chicago Bike Coordinator Ben Gomberg a Hero’s Welcome
  • Cortland Bridge Will Be Closed to Cars & Bikes All Summer (Lincoln Park Chamber)
  • Cyclist Who Awoke in Hospital Trying to Figure Out How Crash Happened (DNA)
  • Despite Failed Crowdfunding Attempt, Hyde Park Bike Shop Will Stay in Business (Maroon)
  • Was CTA Courtesy Campaign Rude to Use the Word “Crap” in an Advertisement? (Tribune)

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  • Vic

    With Cortland bein. A very used street is CDOT going to change the traffic signal times on the detour to accommodate the additional traffic load. If they don’t it will be much worse gridlock than is already in the area.

  • Anne A

    An auto parts store w/parking lot next to 95th St. Metra station? I’m trying to mobilize people to fight this DUMB idea. That’s the last thing we need there.

  • Anne A

    The news about the addition of weekend express trains on the Rock Island is VERY welcome. I’m hoping it will help a lot to relieve overcrowding and conflicts and make conditions better for bikes on trains.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    If you follow the lead to the story and look at the Zoning Poster, you will see Graham Grady’s name listed. Graham is the former city zoning chief.

  • Dani Grey

    I, for one, am glad that for the new auto parts store. I hate having to drive a long distance just for auto parts. My husband will be happy about it too.