Today’s Headlines for Wednesday, April 29

  • Temporary Station Closures Planned for North Red/Purple Line Reconstruction (Tribune)
  • NTSB Blames CTA for Failing to Prevent Employee Fatigue That Led to O’Hare Crash (Sun-Times)
  • Op-Ed: $20K Donation to Ed Burke Means We’re Likely to See a New Push for Ethanol (Sun-Times)
  • 1 Dead, 2 Injured in Stevenson Crash in Bridgeport (Tribune)
  • Driver Who Fatally Struck Woman in Chatham Charged With Reckless Homicide (CBS)
  • Driver Crashes Into Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse After 2-Car Collision (Tribune)
  • Ex-Chicago Bear Arrested for Driving 107 MPH on the Edens Expressway (Tribune)
  • Letter: Cardiologist Asks Drivers to Have a Heart, Drive Carefully Around Cyclists (Tribune)
  • Chicago Mag Looks at the Bloomingdale’s Impact on Real Estate Prices
  • Uptown Merchants Appreciate Extra Sunlight Now That Wilson CTA Overpass Is Gone (DNA)
  • Pedestrianization of Streets for NFL Draft Is Having Little Impact on Traffic (DNA)
  • The 8 People You Will Meet in Chicago Bike Lanes This Summer (Time Out)

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  • Kevin M

    Ethanol fuel emits more pollution than non-ethanol fuel:

    On top of this, it requires water, fertilizer and land-usage.

    ADM is looking for new market growth. That is all this is about; corporate greed under the guise of green-washing.

    Wake up, Chicago citizens, and contact your alderman to tell them what a bad idea Burke’s proposal is.

  • ohsweetnothing

    I know that the person writing the headline and the person writing the article are often two different people, but I still gotta say that the headline to the Trib op-ed is a bit much. Russian roulette with your life???

  • Anne A

    Good letter by the doctor. He mentions hazardous conditions at Chicago/Milwaukee/Ogden – a complex intersection I refer to as the “vortex of death” due to an extreme number of bike crashes compared to most city intersections. That intersection has been bad news for years and will continue to be bad until physical infrastructure is modified to reduce traffic conflict.

  • duppie

    I am glad to hear that the city is aggressively moving forward with the northside redline renovation. And unlike the nimbys on Belmont, that Toyota dealership quickly found a new space (on Western) and will be ready to move in the next year. I’ve got to commend them for that.