Today’s Headlines for Thursday, April 9

  • Tribune‘s Misleading Traffic Camera Coverage Wins “Fairness in Journalism” Award
  • Pawar Approves Zoning Change for Montrose Green TOD Project (DNA)
  • SUV Driver Dies After Crashing Into Pole on 600 Block of North Milwaukee (DNA)
  • Police Release Security Cam Images of Suspects in Green Line Cell Phone Thefts (Tribune)
  • 2 Men Say Taxi Driver Kicked Them Out After They Kissed (CBS)
  • Taxes From Ped-Friendly Properties in Mt. Greenwood Subsidize Sprawl (Main Street Beverly)
  • Neghbors Fear 4-Story Audi Dealership Will Bring Traffic & Parking Headaches (DNA)
  • Bike 45 Celebrates Arena’s Win Over Anti-PBL Challenger With “Sweet Victory” Bakery Tour (DNA)
  • Streetsblog Editor-in-Chief Ben Fried Discusses the Chicago Reboot (Streetsblog NYC)

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  • BlueFairlane

    i have a couple of friends who had a similar cab experience last summer. This kind of thing’s way too common here.

  • Anne A

    Ped friendly areas in Mt. Greenwood? Yeah, those are pockets separated by streets that are NOT ped friendly to cross. Given the attitudes of many Mt. Greenwood drivers, I’d hesitate to call *any* of it ped friendly if you have to cross a major street to get there. It has a lot in common with Western in that respect.

    The little plaza by the Walgreens is about as inviting a gathering place as the little bench areas east of the Beverly public library (95th east of Damen). Nice thought, but the traffic makes it a losing proposition.

  • Anne A

    I LOVE the concept for the Bike 45 ride. I’m glad that John Arena is back for another 4 years.

  • Probably nobody but me cares, but thank you for putting the date in the title link for Today’s Headlines! Makes it a lot easier to follow the comment feed and know which was on which entry.

  • R.A. Stewart

    I like that, too.

  • Matt F

    good thing we don’t live in Indiana…

  • I realized some people may not know what I mean. When I read Streetsblog, this is my bookmarked landing page: That way I can see what’s new in the discussions I’ve been following, even if they’re not ‘recent’ threads. Then I go to the main homepage by clicking the Streetsblog logo at the top of the page to read new articles (if I haven’t clicked through to one already from its link on the comments).

  • It was all Steven’s idea!