Today’s Headlines

  • Metra: February Snows Caused BNSF Delays, But Reliability Has Improved (Tribune)
  • Metra Paying Firm $12.6 Million to Update Accounting System (Sun-Times)
  • Madison Street Lane Closures Expand as Part of Loop Link BRT Work (Sun-Times)
  • 37-Year-Old Woman Dies After Crashing SUV in Monee (Herald-News)
  • Senior’s Response to Rogers Park Road Rage Incident: “People Need to Chill” (DNA)
  • Construction Slated for New Logan Square TOD Development (Curbed)
  • Sauganash Whole Foods Tries to Fix Traffic Woes With New Parking Lot (DNA)
  • Chicago Magazine Looks at Why Bike Licensing Has Failed Almost Everywhere
  • Crews Will Replace 120-Year-Old Sewers on Lawrence, Central in Jeff Park (DNA)
  • There’s a Big Photo of Steven on the Home Page of Active TransSplashy New Website

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  • Access to the Sauganash whole foods has two main issues:

    — Deeply unfriendly to anyone not arriving by car, to the extent that the first time I walked there I walked ALL THE WAY AROUND THE BUILDING twice before finding the door (it’s obvious from the parking area)
    — One tiny driveway that’s right by the “best” spots, so people pull in and stop.

    Neither of these is going to be really addressed by the new design.

    Leaving the (southern) driveway immediately adjacent to the building means you’ll have high-speed stressed-out cars coming onto and off of Cicero right across the only way to get from the parking spots to the store.

    The new, northern driveway is helpful and will definitely segment the traffic some.

  • Screenshot of the design, for people who don’t click through to DNAInfo:

  • cjlane

    “right across the only way to get from the parking spots to the store”

    And right next to (as you point out) the only way into the store. A major cockup, imo.

  • The entrance: Is that similar to how Walgreens designs many of their entrances: Away from the corner with doors facing the parking lot, but still accessible from the sidewalk?

  • There are actually two entrances, nominally, off the Cicero frontage. Neither is anywhere near the Cicero/Peterson corner, and they have absolutely identical awnings to the entire rest of the street frontage of the building. They don’t open automatically when you walk past.

    And outside of certain limited hours, they’re both locked.

    The big entrance that’s always open, that says Welcome! over it and in general is signed like an entrance, faces the parking lot.

    I’ve attached a screenshot from Google Streetview, looking southwest from the middle of Cicero, with entrances marked in red.

    I really don’t get why, if they’re revamping anyhow, they don’t put a nice 12foot pavers sidewalk along the building there, then a little strip of grass and the closest parking spaces, and THEN the driveway, so people parked in the first rank don’t have to cross a busy car path to get into the store.

  • cjlane

    I think that your suggested layout *could* create a flow/circulation conflict with the underground garage entrance/gash. Maybe I’m not visualizing the space well, tho.

    It just occurred to me that the condo declaration could limit WFs ability to move/remove that entrance. It’s not necessarily likely, but it is possible.

  • Oh yeah, that entrance totally needs a buffer more than 5 feet wide.

  • All the sidewalks up there are really narrow and the traffic treats it like a speedway.

    It’s actually reasonably pleasant to bike or walk diagonally up through Sauganash (I live at Wilson and Pulaski, and there’s a not-yet-rails-to-trails’ed path across the river in the forest preserve), but once you hit the big streets it becomes hostile immediately.