Today’s Headlines

  • Construction for “Loop Link” BRT begins on Madison and Clinton (Sun-Times)
  • David Kidwell: City Should Adjust Yellow Light Times to Pander to Speeding Drivers (Tribune)
  • …But Tribune Columnist Eric Zorn Says Red Light Cams Are a Good Thing
  • …And Kevenides Notes That They Can Provide Video Evidence After Crashes (Time Out)
  • Driver Fatally Strikes Pregnant Woman in Englewood, Leaves the Scene (Tribune)
  • Cyclist Wins Settlement After Being Struck by Driver Who Blew Light at 6 Corners (Keating)
  • Accelerate Illinois Campaign Is Pushing for a Bigger Investment in Infrastructure (MPC)
  • How Excessive Parking Requirements Affect Us All (MPC)
  • Bikes N’ Roses, Shut Down by Rauner Cuts, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign (Sun-Times)
  • Outdated System of Staging Cabs at O’Hare Creates Long Waits for Rides (Tribune)
  • Prairie Path Crosswalk in Geneva Is Getting a HAWK Beacon (Tribune)

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  • While the headline for Accelerate Illinois looks good, increase revenue to bring our transportation system into a state of good repair needs, the ‘solutions’ are a laundry list of road expansion projects, plus CTA Red/Purple modernization. This looks really suspicious.

  • R.A. Stewart

    I may be missing something, but I don’t get the impression that Accelerate Illinois is advocating road expansion over transit. It looks to me like the “Planned Improvements” when you scroll down the “solutions” page are projects already planned.

    That’s not to say that things don’t look dire, now that we have a governor who clearly thinks transit and passenger rail are luxuries.

  • At the very least, the graphic showing the Savanna Mississippi River bridge project at the top of the heap, $64 million for a bridge that handles less traffic than many inland ferries, rubs me wrong. It pushes me towards Chuck Marohn’s stance.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Oh, yes–I’m with you there. Our transportation spending and priorities for development are still upside down, and I’m pretty close to Marohn’s No New Roads myself.

  • cjlane

    Damn that Rahm for delaying the construction of the Loop BRT over political concerns AGAIN!!!

    Oh, wait…what? Construction started? huh.