Today’s Headlines

  • Advocates: It’s “Now-or-Never” for a State Gas Tax Overhaul to fund Infrastructure (Tribune)
  • House Vote for Amtrak Funding Means a Brighter Future for Illinois Rail (Crain’s)
  • MPC Extolls the Virtues of “Loop Link” Downtown BRT System
  • Owners of Company That Was Supposed to Build Electric Car Stations Here Indicted (Tribune)
  • Chicago “Sneckdowns” Illustrate How Roads Could Be Narrowed for the Benefit of All (Moss)
  • CTA Security Footage Leads to 2 Arrests in Red Line Robbery (RedEye)
  • Experimental Station Building, Home of Blackstone Bikes, Targeted by Burglars (DNA)
  • Take It Easy on the Slivovitz: Roger Park Cops Planning DUI Crackdown for Purim (DNA)
  • Video: A Man Has Telepathic Powers, But Only While Riding CTA Trains (Tattler)
  • Slow Ride” Benefit for West Town Bikes This Friday — Be Sure to Wear Your Foghat (DNA)

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  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Two salient quotes from the article to think about…

    “In all, more than $1.1 billion in motor fuel taxes went into state coffers last year, as well as an estimated $774 million in sales taxes on fuel, according to the Illinois Department of Revenue. But just a portion of that money actually ends up being spent on roads and bridges.”


    “A 2013 report by Auditor General William Holland found that for eight of the 10 prior years, less than half of the money in the state’s main road fund was spent on highway construction or repair.”

    That’s “LESS THAN”.

  • hello

    I just read on the Trib that Garcia says Red-light cameras are gone if he is elected.

    My vote for him is now gone.

  • Kevin M

    Ditto. In that single move, he convinced me that he’s not cut out to lead Chicago anywhere but backward….to the Daley era in terms of lack of support for active transportation users.

  • hello

    If I really think about what I DON’T like about Rahm, it comes down the DePaul arena…it still makes me cringe.

    The school closings, while controversial in regards to their merit AND application, are less of an issue for me. My daughter was to start preschool at Trumbull this year, she started at McPherson instead.

    I think Rahm has done a fair job at making some tough choices – choices that are sure to infuriate one ‘side’ or the other. Perfect? Hell no! Better than “the other guy”? Quite possibly yes!

    I don’t like what I’m seeing from Garcia – he does not seem like an agent of change. He is just pandering to an “uneducated” (probably not the right word, but maybe you get my drift) electorate on red-light cameras.
    Kevin M. Your classification of leading Chicago “backwards” seems fitting.

    My 2 cents – you didn’t even ask for them!

  • David Altenburg

    I’d like to find more details on that. Where did the money go? Does anyone know how to find that out?