Hope to See You at Tomorrow’s Pedway Pub Stroll, Benefitting SBC

Steven Vance took the above photo of the Pedway’s stained glass gallery while we were reconnoitering the route.

Our friends at Moxie Chicago put together this nifty flyer for tomorrow’s Pedway tour and tavern crawl, a benefit for the Streetsblog Chicago Resurrection Fund. We’re expecting a good crowd for the event, and we hope to hang out with plenty of SBC readers there. Thanks for your support!

  • Annie F. Adams

    Any suggestions on bike parking tonight? I am trying to decide if outside Macy’s or Houlihan’s is better.

  • I’ll be parking on the racks outside Macy’s on State, so if you plan to walk back with the group at the end of the evening, park there. Otherwise, if you think it would be a drag to walk back from Houlihan’s to State by yourself when you’re ready to go home, you could park outside Houlihan’s before the event and then walk to Infield’s, so your bike will be waiting for you when you’re ready to leave. I believe there’s a bike rack or two near Houlihan’s on Wacker.

  • Annie F. Adams

    Thanks! Will contemplate my choices :) See you tonight!


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