Today’s Headlines

  • Active Trans Releases Its 2014 Active Transportation Platform for Municipal Elections
  • Transit Workers Union Endorses Jesus “Chuy” Garcia for Mayor (Sun-Times)
  • Plan Commission Approves Parking-Lite Development at 830 N. Milwaukee (Curbed)
  • Ridescore” Ratings Give Chicago a C+ for Its Treatment of Ride-Share Companies (DNA)
  • Local Gas Prices Hit a 5-Year Low (DNA)
  • After Pedestrian Fatally Struck in Gage Park, Car Passenger Charged for Attacking Driver (CBS)
  • Elderly Pedestrian Killed by 16-Year-Old Driver in Orland Park, No Citations (Tribune)
  • 61-Year-Old Woman Died in Single-Car Crash in Chicago Heights on Christmas Day (Tribune)
  • 2 Officers Injured in Crash, Driver Cited for Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle (Sun-Times)
  • Man Seriously Injured After Crashing His Car Into Parked Vehicles in Fernwood (Tribune)
  • New ACLU Report Finds Racial Disparities in Chicago Traffic Stops (Expired Meter)
  • CTA Fixes Wrong Address on Rehabbed Damen Station (DNA)

National headlines will return next year. 

  • DFD

    Seriously that endorsement is everything that is wrong with unions. They don’t even address the purpose they were formed to support, which is increased transit development and, therefore, increased hiring of union members, which is exactly what Emmanuel is doing…

  • ohsweetnothing

    I’ve said it several times while commenting here, but that ACLU report leads me to say it again: as a POC, I’ll take a camera enforcing traffic violations over a cop anyday.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Anyone know of a place where we can look into each candidates’ views on transit/transportation?

  • We will be working on this, as will the Active Transportation Alliance.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    But, not all traffic stops are traffic violations for which cameras apply. Police can pull you over for anything. Too dark windows, having an expired plate, improper lane change, headlight/tail light. The list goes on.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Agreed. Experienced it personally several times. Still doesn’t change my comment at all.

  • BlueFairlane

    Increasing transit has nothing to do with the union’s purpose. The purpose of this union, like any other, is to insure that those working for transit have the best possible working conditions, and that they’re compensated fairly. While Rahm may be doing some things that increase transit, there’s been no indication that this will result in increased hiring of any sort. It certainly won’t result in increased union hiring, as Rahm wants nothing less than the elimination of public unions. Rahm’s surface treatments do nothing for city employees, so I see no reason for the unions to support him.

  • Joe Durt

    Doesnt the transit union have a 33% daily absentee rate as well as three different unions to change a tire?

    They are a drain on tax payer funding and id be skeptical of any politician with their endorsement. There won’t ‘be any negotiations, just blind raises and continued inefficient practices while overlooking bad behavior.

  • Brad Kort

    Unions aren’t looking for “fair” compensation, they want to maximize benefits for their members. They don’t give a hoot about transit riders. In fact, the more successful the union, the more money taken from transit agencies to spend on things like buses and trains.