Today’s Headlines

  • Proposed Federal Budget Deal Could Include Funds For Red Line Rebuild (Crain’s)
  • Tollway Examining Tri-State Rebuild, Could Add More Lanes For Cars, Buses (Tribune)
  • Mayor Backs New Zoning Incentives For Affordable Housing Near Transit (Crain’s)
  • Report Urges More Mixed-Income Housing Near Transit in North Shore (Tribune)
  • Proposed Redevelopment of Logan Square Mega Mall Adds Housing, Trims Parking (Curbed)
  • Coming Soon: Grab-A-BiteTM at an ‘L’ Station, or a Glass of Wine at CTA HQ (Sun-Times)
  • Politicians, Advocates to Debate Regional Transit Governance at January 6 Conference (Eno Center)
  • Aldermen Urge City to Re-Examine “Snow Emergency” Parking Rules (DNA)
  • Construction Photos: Downtown Riverwalk Now Has Less River, More Walk (Curbed)

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  • I don’t see any reason to modify how the snow emergency parking rules apply. Because the ban happens at the same time every year, it’s predictable for both CDOT and drivers. Can you imagine the craziness if 3 days before a snow storm hits, CDOT needs to get out the word to everyone that they can’t park their cars there? Then they need to tow all the cars at a time they also need to be mobilizing for the storm. Then the people who just had their cars towed need to go pick them up, presumable after it just snowed.

    This is just Fioretti complaining about something. I’ll be happy when he loses the election and goes away.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    The mandates for the affordable housing are crazy. I’d like to have an affordable unit in a downtown luxury building too.

    It’s not just about density bonuses for affordable housing. That’s always been a part of the code. However, adding $20 to 25,000 to the cost of every unit if the developer builds 10 units and opts not to put the affordable units in the building is just nuts. If this does not grind development to a halt, it will certainly make it more likely that developers will not develop the heavy density and choose to make other development decisions.

    And frankly, with the history of corruption in this city, who do you really think are going to get those affordable units in the downtown luxury buildings. Friends and family???? Frankly I don’t trust the CHA to manage these properties well, or fairly.

    And who is going to draw the line between “high income areas”. Will Logan Square be a high income area? Will Edgewater be a high income area? Or will the boundaries be constantly changing when the City needs to push the fund up.

    Additionally, there needs to be some commitment by the people managing the affordable housing that people living in such units send their kids to school, not hang out in front and deal drugs like they do in Edgewater, Rogers Park and Uptown and make an effort to gain better education and training so they aren’t always stuck at the bottom rung.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Re: Logan Square Mega Mall Development

    While I’m almost always going to push for less parking in city developments (especially in this area), I gotta say…the amendments are a step in the right direction. I wouldn’t be thrilled, but I could definitely live with the development in its current form. If they lopped of even more parking I’d be very happy to see this being built.


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