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  • Kevin M

    Kass has finally put it out there: he wants to be one of us.

    “And someday I hope to join the Good Little Bike People and purchase a
    cool bike of my own, and put on spandex shorts and ride like a
    (responsible) hellion, free and wild down Milwaukee Avenue, singing
    happily as if I were out on the steppe, the wind in my hair, a falcon at
    my wrist.”

    Let’s invite him to the next Critical Mass!

  • Maybe someone should draw up a “Mritical Kass” map for the next ride.

  • jeff wegerson

    Rogers Park Sheridan Road road diet. Now there’s handfull. But I agree it should be done in some version. First because it would help force the issue of the usefulness of extending LSD via islands etc in the lake. A four lane (2N, 2S) version of course.

    Rogers Park and Edgewater deserve reparations for years of being forced into living in the middle of an expressway. Carmegeddon is the fear. Yet look what happens to Ridge when it goes from four to two lanes at Howard. Funny how people adapt just fine thank you. And Ridge doesn’t even have the middle turn lane.

  • duppie

    Wonder whether fighting for a road diet on Sheridan is worth the enormous amount of political capital it would take. RP today is not a bad neighborhood to ride around in, with many quiet side streets (Greenview and Ashland come to mind as a good N/S alternative to Sheridan Rd).

    Also, there is forward thinking and then there is the traffic reality. Over 20,000 cars/day means 4 lanes by CDOT’s rules. Does anyone know what the current traffic count is on Sheridan north of Devon?

  • Fred

    Whenever I read John Kass articles, I sing this song in my head:

  • jeff wegerson

    I agree it a fight for later when some more positive examples of the benefits and actual adjustments have happened and can be pointed to. I wish we had had something like streetsblog around when Greenbay in Wilmette was dieted. Was there screaming beforehand or was that an easy case and not like what we are dealing with.

    Likewise I too really want to see just how the Lawrence diet plays out over time. What are the other diets we can point to? My mind is a blank right now.

    I don’t live by Rogers Park’s Sheridan Road so I do not have a day to day walking feel. I do regularly drive it at least once a week around 4pm and have that feel.

    Where I have a real feel is Broadway between Devon and Hollywood. That is a stretch that badly needs a diet. There is a lot of pedestrian traffic across that stretch, lots of businesses on either side, not to mention the el stops. It very likely makes sense to diet that stretch first before RP. Plus there the Southbound Sheridan traffic splits into two: Sheridan to the left and Broadway straight ahead. Clearly too much street for too little traffic at that point.

    But on the question of dieting Broadway I have a clear conflict of interest.

  • duppie

    The plan is to put Broadway on a road diet from Foster north to Hollywood or Thorndale (can’t remember exactly). North of that traffic exceeds 20,000 cars/day.

    Now, whether that plan ever materializes, remains to be seen. Osterman has been quiet after the initial public meetings, and of course the Nimbys organized in ASCO rather dump more traffic onto Broadway by rerouting from Sheridan Rd, where they run parallel.

    Another example of a recent road diet on the Northside is Broadway between Montrose and Foster.

  • Anne A

    My gut feeling (from years of spending time in that area) is that it’s 20K+. I hope that someone from CDOT will chime in with hard #s.

    The only way I could see a road diet working would be if parking was eliminated. The volume of bus traffic is too high. If Sheridan was 2 lanes there, it would be like Clark St. through Wrigleyville – lots of gridlock for many hours of the day.

    Given the current parking situation there (many large vintage buildings have NO parking), I think a lot of people would fight it hard. The Pritzker car tower could ease the situation somewhat, but I don’t think that would be enough to minimize resistance.

  • IDOT traffic count map says 16,000 at Devon and Sheridan. Likely less further north, but no numbers, at least on this map.

  • Anne A

    Perhaps the frequency of stoplights makes traffic volume seems higher.

  • duppie

    Thanks Michelle, I got to figure out how to use that resource.

    It says 16000 at Sheridan and 22500 on Broadway, Combine them and spread them over Sheridan and Devon. Living close to Devon, I doubt that Devon is anywhere near 20000, which makes me think Sheridan further north may well be around 20K or more cars/day.

  • cjlane

    in ’06, which is last city count here–

    it was over 40,000 at 6629 N.