Today’s Headlines

  • Future of IL Transportation Is Unclear in the Wake of Rauner’s Apparent Victory (Tribune)
  • Durbin, a Strong Supporter of Transit & Bike Improvements, Returning to Senate (Sun-Times)
  • 62-Year-Old Pedestrian Fatally Struck After 2 Cars Collide on NW Side (Tribune)
  • CTA Says Demolition Work for Wilson Station Rehab Is On Track (DNA)
  • More on the Divvy Unionizing Efforts (Sun-Times)
  • Metra Trains Delayed by Track Fire at 47th Street Station (Sun-Times)
  • Former Mayor Jaime Lerner Discussed Curitiba’s BRT System at MPC
  • Portage Park Development Would Have 24 Units, 54 Parking Spots (DNA)
  • Video: Lakefront Divvy Bikes Were Blowin’ in the Wind During Halloween Storm (DNA)

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  • Erik Swedlund

    In other transportation-related election news, 72.24% of the 807 people who voted on the CTA flyover referendum said that it has not been sufficiently justified. 583 people.

  • That Portage Park development isn’t surprising. Right around there, there’s crap for CTA access (aside from a long walk to Jeff Park or bus-to-something-else, which is highly suboptimal). I’d expect people living there to expect to have 1-2 cars per household and use them regularly.

  • Fred

    Yes, 72.24% of people asked “should the CTA tear down my house to make thousands of people’s commute shorter?” said no. SHOCKING.

    What a silly loaded question to begin with. I’m a little surprised it wasn’t higher.

    This is why hyper local residents aren’t allowed to make regional decisions.

  • What was the actual question?

  • That Portage Park development almost beats this one in Lincoln Park:

    The “boutique condo” has eight $2-3 million units with 2-3 parking spaces each (21 total spaces. That’s 1:2.6. Portage Park’s has 1:2.3.

    The Lincoln Park development is 0.5 miles walking from the Sedgwick Brown Line, but 1.5 blocks to the Clark and Broadway buses.

  • Fred

    “Has the CTA sufficiently justified the $320 million proposed Brown Line Flyover project and its impact on local homes and businesses?”

    The question only appeared on ballots in the 3 precincts closest to the Belmont “L” station.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Well if you’re paying that price in Lincoln Park, I doubt if your riding CTA.

  • Little under 600 people influencing a project that impacts around 200,000 average weekday riders on that section alone.

    The CTA really shot themselves in the foot with the “84 seconds” number that every media outlet parrots. Completely ignores time saved and capacity added that come with eliminating the knock-on-effect that currently plagues the interlocking.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Regarding that first headline, one of the many things most of the *koff koff* “news” media didn’t highlight during the campaign was Rauner’s ties with the Koch brothers ( You know, those Koch brothers who made their fortune largely on fossil fuels and have been quietly backing anti-transit activities around the country, as highlighted some time ago on Streetsblog (

    So no, I don’t think the future of Illinois transportation under Governor Rauner is all that unclear.

  • Big Buck Hunter

    Lets ask the people who live next to ohare if it should be shut down too