Today’s Headlines

  • Park District Begins Repairing Damage to the Lakefront Trail (RedEye)
  • Mountain-Like Lucas Museum Design Proposal Includes New Pedestrian Bridge (Tribune)
  • After Center Line-Crossing Driver Kills Cyclist, State Police Blame the Victim (Kevenides)
  • Car Driver Dies After Rear-Ending Semi Along Tri-State Tollway (Tribune)
  • 3-Year-Old Boy Is OK After Being Struck While Trick-or-Treating in Winnetka (CBS)
  • Woman Crashes Car Into Hyde Park Drugstore (DNA)
  • How Can We Reduce the Number of Bike Crashes in Illinois? (Keating)
  • Oak Park Plans to Reinstall “Beg Buttons” Along Lake Street (Tribune)
  • Commuter Benefits Provider Offering Discounted Divvy Memberships (Business Wire)
  • You’d Have to Be Pretty Darn Unlucky to Catch Ebola on the CTA (RedEye)

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  • rohmen

    I live in Oak Park, and the beg buttons at several intersections in OP and Forrest Park are annoying and dangerous for pedestrians. Outside of periods late at night or early in the morning, which could be controlled by timing the lights better, there is hardly a time where a pedestrian wouldn’t be waiting to cross at the Lake/Marion intersection.

    Sad to see Oak Park take this step backwards.

  • I hate beg buttons. Having grown up in Chicago they just scream “suburbs” and “cars first” to me.

    If your lights are timed properly there are pedestrian walk lights regularly and beg buttons are superfluous.

  • Alicia

    “Right now, at 2 a.m. it’s assuming there’s a pedestrian,” McKenna said, noting that more drivers would use Lake instead of side streets to commute through the area with the addition of the pedestrian buttons.

    So time the lights differently at 2 am than 2 pm. Not hard to figure that out.

  • CL

    Yeah, beg buttons are horrible. Can you imagine what a swab of one of those buttons would likely show? I’m guessing cold germs, traces of bodily fluids, Ebola… I refuse to touch them. When I encounter a beg button, I find another way or cross illegally.

  • CL

    The Ebola article — when we’re talking about the CTA, it’s not exactly comforting that Ebola is only spread by bodily fluids.

  • I love that quote.

    Because they’re all “We need buttons because CONGESTION!” and then they talk about 2am. Lake Street is not congested at 2am. And stoplights are not an overwhelming imposition upon cars. Even at 2am.

    People who want to take a two-lanes-each-way high speed road with fewer stoplights can take Madison. It’s a few blocks south and it moves really well. Not an imposition. Lake is not an arterial, especially not through that part of downtown.