Today’s Headlines

  • Metra Proposes 68% Fare Hike Over Next Decade to Bankroll 318 New Cars (Tribune)
  • Commentary: If Metra’s Going to Raise Fares, Let’s Hope We Get Better Service (Crain’s)
  • Cops Arrest Man Who Fired Assault Rife at Blue Line Train at LaSalle Station (Tribune)
  • Police Release Photo of Semi Driven by Trucker Who Critically Injured Cyclist (Kevenides)
  • Mechanical Problems Caused Delays on Metra’s UP-West Line (Fox)
  • Area Schools Celebrate Walk and Bike to School Day (Active Trans)
  • Chicago Has the Cheapest Rates ofAny UberX City (ChicagoInno)
  • Group Launches Online Survey With Ideas for Sprucing Up Polish Triangle (DNA)
  • Shinola Says The 606 Was a Factor in Its Decision to Open Shop in Bucktown (Chicago)
  • MPC Hosting Open House on Ideas to Improve Museum Campus Access on 10/14

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  • rohmen

    I think it’s ridiculous to fault CTA for delays related to the shooting itself, which is something completely out of their control really, but the communication regarding what was going on was horrible. I went to catch the blue line at the Monroe stop at 5 p.m. last night, and even though the website said trains were back to normal with some “residual delays,” the screens were telling people there would be a 17 to 20 minute wait for a Forest Park train. A 20 minute delay is not back to normal service, and I never would have entered the station if I knew it would be that bad. Plus, there were no announcements about what was going on while people waited on the platform.

    Service interruptions like this are unavoidable, but why can’t the CTA get their act together and communicate things to the public better? End rant.

  • Of course, Metra’s version of “modernizing” is to buy new rolling stock that was designed decades ago.

  • alexfrancisburchard

    I waited 20 minutes for a red line train at 4:28 pm yesterday. That’s normal, the system has other problems. the shooting was in the morning, so the system had assuredly recovered from that by 5 pm, but the trains have mechanical problems, the tracks do too – that’s what causes most delays, and at this point, those are normal operations.

  • Alex_H

    I would not describe waiting 20 minutes for a Red Line at 4:28pm as “normal.”

  • alexfrancisburchard

    It happens more often than one would want to believe.

  • rohmen

    I agree with Alex_H that a 20 minute delay on a line that runs trains every 3 to 4 minutes should not be considered “normal operations.” Moreover, if a line is experiencing a 20 minute delay, for whatever reason, there is no reason why the CTA cannot communicate what is going on with customers waiting on the platform through the speakers on the platform itself, and update its own website and twitter account to note the delay. It really isn’t that much to ask.

  • alexfrancisburchard

    I agree that it shouldn’t be considered normal, but, alas, in the world I live in, it is normal. And while the CTA is crumbling, the aldercritters are proposing express trains to Ohare, rather than fixing the system we have so that trains can consistently come every 2–3 minutes during rush hour… I also agree, Both CTA and Metra need to step up their communications. I mean, I left home at 3:40 with plans to be at IIT by 5 with a stop at germania place to pick up my check yesterday. I got to germania place around 4:15, was back in the subway by 4:28 and would have easily made my 5:00 PM class if service was what it should have been, instead I was about 10-15 minutes late because no trains showed up.

  • R.A. Stewart

    One might say that it would not be considered normal or acceptable in a real first-world country.

  • i <3 keto

    Metra will never have healthy finances until they drastically reduce their labor costs. Ticket punches aka conductors are making $100,000+ doing easy work.

    They should all be eliminated. They get paid more than public defenders, prosecutors, civil engineers and other more demanding positions that
    Actually require college and/or a master’s degree.