Today’s Headlines

  • Pawar’s Survey Finds 85% of Respondents Want Lincoln Bus Service Restored (DNA)
  • Active Trans Will Testify Against the Illiana at Today’s CMAP Meeting
  • Nun Killed at Highwood Metra Crossing, 3 Years After a Similar Fatality at the Site (Gazebo)
  • 1 Teen Dead, Another Seriously Injured After Police Chase Ends in Crash (Tribune)
  • Some SW Side Metra & Bus Service Suspended in the Wake of Police Shooting (Sun-Times)
  • Police Release Sketch of Suspect in Sauganash Trail Sexual Assault (DNA)
  • Allstate Raising Insurance Rates for Most Illinois Drivers (Crain’s)
  • Video: Meet Polo-Playing Taxi Magnate Simon Garber (Sun-Times)
  • A Tribune Reporter Who Bikes Responds to Grossman’s “Get Off My Lawn” Piece
  • Hincapie (No, Not That Hincapie) Accused of Swapping Stolen Bike for Weed (RedEye)

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  • Anne A

    I hate to hear about yet another Metra ped fatality. There are many stations throughout the Metra system that would safer with the addition of ped gates.How many fatalities could have been prevented by that change?

  • Fred

    A vast majority of Metra ped fatalities are suicides.

    In this case, it sounds like the woman made a catastrophically poor decision to try and beat the train. This wasn’t an accident. Metra should not have to be burdened with the cost of preventing people from willfully and intentionally putting themselves in the path of an oncoming train. Their burden should be on preventing accidents.

  • R.A. Stewart

    A huge majority of riders want the CTA to reconsider a bad decision. The CTA ignores them and announces its intention to continue ignoring them.

    In other news, October shapes up to be cooler than August this year.

  • skyrefuge

    No. Certainly a lot of Metra ped fatalities are suicides, but it’s not even the majority, much less “a vast majority”. It was 47% between 2004 and 2012, according to

  • Anne A

    People often underestimate the speed of express trains. That has been the cause of more than one fatality over the years.

  • CL

    The CTA should take the demographics of users into consideration when they evaluate a bus route’s usefulness. Eliminating the 11 bus has apparently caused a lot of problems for seniors who cannot simply walk to the Brown Line. Simply looking at total ridership plus alternatives 1 mile away does not tell you whether a bus route is needed by the community.

    I’m glad Pawar has kept up the pressure. He seems like a good alderman.

  • ohsweetnothing

    The Grossman article I was able to laugh off for the most part.

    The “defense” of cyclists response actually annoys me.

  • So the damn illiana passed the CMAP board, that pretty much kills the lawsuit to stop it, right?

  • Fred

    From the Ian Savage study Table 2:
    Apparent suicides: 161
    Trespassers at places other than grade crossings: 107
    At stations and grade crossings: 70
    Total: 338

    So ped crossing gates would potentially only have prevented 70/338 (~21%) of deaths.

    My statement about suicides being a vast majority of deaths may be inaccurate, but my broader point that a vast majority (79+%) of deaths are caused by people willfully and intentionally putting themselves in the path of an oncoming train is correct.

  • Kevin M

    Technically, it didn’t pass. It was rejected 10-4. However, it needed a super-majority of 12 votes to fully reject/boot it from the 2040 Plan.

    Here’s some fishy detail from Tribune’s coverage:
    “One of the CMAP board members whose vote could have helped turn the tide against the Illiana failed to show for the meeting.

    Madigan, an appointee of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, was absent, as he was last
    year when the Illiana originally came up for the planning agency’s
    approval. Emanuel’s other four appointees voted against the Illiana.

    Madigan is the son of House Speaker Michael Madigan. He could not be reached for comment Wednesday.”

    Looks like Emanual gets to have it both ways: he publicly denounced the Illiana while not actually pulling his strings all the way to go against Quinn during the election season.

    Chicago voters need to wake up and stop being sheeple! We need to kick this guy out of office to show him and his ilk that we’re not dumb and blind. Chicago and Illinois government will only get more honest and accountable when the voters show up and demand it at the ballot box.

  • You’re right. I went to Crain’s and got a different report. So it seems like the lawsuit is still intact.

  • Fred

    That would require an honest and accountable person running for IL office. Rauner, Lewis, Fioretti, and Oberwies don’t appear to be any more honest and accountable than Quinn, Rahm, and Durbin, so no matter who wins it will be business as usual in IL.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    How much different is this when Pedestrian deaths are all lumped together and include people who try to cross six or more lanes of traffic on an expressway. Child hit by bus in the South Shore area that ran away from adults she was with.

    A lot of statistics need to be nuanced.

  • Fred

    I absolutely agree. People who willfully and intentionally put themselves in harms way should not count as pedestrian deaths.

  • The lawsuit is about who gets final say in approving adding major capital projects to the fiscally constrained list. So even if the Plan Update is approved by the MPO Policy Committee tomorrow the question remains: who is supposed to be the “Metropolitan Planning Organization”: the board of the MPO Policy committee?

    The lawsuit contends that state law points to the board as the “MPO”.

  • So the pertinent vote the one that occurred last year, not this one, correct?

  • Yeah, Chicagoland seems to have a real problem with nuns willfully and intentionally putting themselves in harms way, like the two sisters who were recently killed in the horrific Oak Lawn crash.

  • ohsweetnothing

    It’s probably my ignorance of the entire CMAP appointment process, but how do you see this as Emanuel having it both ways? As opposed to Madigan ducking out or getting the squeeze put on him by his Springfield relationships? This mayor doesn’t strike me as particularly fond of taking a loss on an issue…

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Sometimes in politics you take a loss or let something die on purpose because there is something down the line you want more. I’d speculate Rahm doesn’t care one way or another if the Illiana gets built or not. But, if you know you’ll need help sorting pension reform downstate, or more borrowing for the city, and you need the Madigan Cullerton combine to get what you want, you let them build a useless tollway.

    Id just like to know what son of Madigan gets paid for sitting on this board and what other choice other civic jobs he has.