Today’s Headlines

  • Another Showdown on the Illiana Takes Place This Week (Tribune)
  • 3 Dead, 11 Hospitalized After 11-Vehicle Crash in Oak Lawn (Sun-Times)
  • Man Allegedly Drank 5 Martinis & Crashed Car Into Steakhouse, Killing Passenger (Tribune)
  • CTA Employees Are Completing Training to Prevent LGBT Discrimination (DNA)
  • MPC Honors Cook County, Old Place, New Tricks Contest Winners at Awards Ceremony
  • RedEye Looks at the Argyle “Shared Street” Plan
  • What Kind of Bike Lane Barriers Would You Like to See Here? (Chicago Bike Mom)
  • The Gazette Wins an Award for Their Ridiculous BRT Coverage
  • Joseph “So Low Red Line” Lane’s ‘L’ Platform Rap Video Goes Viral (Fox)

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  • Anne A

    That horrifying crash in Oak Lawn is an extreme example of why I hate being on 95th St. in Evergreen Park or Oak Lawn. Stroads are destructive to lives and communities.

  • Anne A

    Whoever makes decisions on the Apex awards must have rather low standards for what constitutes quality journalism.

  • HereWeGoAgain
  • ohsweetnothing

    Ha, you beat me to it. It’s a pretty amazing piece of work.

  • Goodness. The gentleman is obviously confused about the purpose of the “Look” decals directed at pedestrians along Dearborn. They’re there to remind them to watch out for (legal) southbound bike traffic before stepping off the curb.

  • FG

    Is LGBT discrimination really a problem on the CTA or is it an internal issue? Or one of Rahm’s “I need to please my rich gay donor’s” ploys?