Today’s Headlines

  • Evanston City Council Votes to Shelve Sheridan/Chicago PBLs Plans for 2 Years (Northwestern)
  • Active Trans Applauds the City’s Plans for Loop BRT
  • Why Will the 95th Street & Wilson Station Rehabs Be So Expensive? (RedEye)
  • Driver Fatally Strikes 87-Year-Old Man by Wilmette’s Plaza Del Lago (Tribune)
  • Taxi Driver Kills 20-Year-Old Man Near Elk Grove Village; No Charges (Tribune)
  • 58-Year-Old Man Killed in 4-Car Pileup on the Dan Ryan (Tribune)
  • Drivers in Emanuel’s Motorcade Rack Up More Speed Tickets (ABC)
  • Neighbors Say High-Rise Needs More Parking, But Parking at Nearby Tower Is Undersold (DNA)
  • Debris From Byrne Interchange Construction Causes Blue Line Delays (CBS)
  • Former Official From Chicago’s Largest Taxi Company Charged With Laundering Cab Titles (Sun-Times)
  • Risky Business: The Dangers of Driving a Taxi (RedEye)
  • Waukegan Coyote Survives Being Struck By Driver, Stuck in Grill of Car (News-Sun)

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  • “Why Will the 95th Street & Wilson Station Rehabs Be So Expensive? (RedEye)

    I wish Tracy had looked into why a bike bridge near Navy Pier cost more than a train station and that’s being built despite an existing, little-used adjacent road.

  • Deni

    There are a lot of things I wish Tracy would do, but I’ve just come to accept that she’s a terrible transit reporter and usually not worth reading. The info you guys write here is much more informed and thought-provoking.

  • I disagree. Swartz has a somewhat different wheelhouse than us, but I think her articles often include useful info, and she’s good at getting her facts right. Unlike many other local journalists who cover transportation, she’s never done a report that required a response from Streetsblog to set the story straight.

  • Kevin M

    As of 10 Am this morning, CTA crews are still removing concrete from the north-bound Blue Line track under Halsted. My train operator said the incident occurred at 2 Am. What a mess!

  • Yeah, CTA riders really got Byrned.

  • BlueFairlane

    I don’t think I can emphasize this enough: I am 100% behind your puns.

  • hello

    RE: DNA piece on Lakeview/Uptown Tower Parking

    That is plenty of parking and seems like a great development, I hope it can push on.

    Someone quoted in the piece saying that because there is little parking it will cause a lot of congestion. ???

  • tracyswartz

    Hi Steve, I try to keep my column hyper-focused on the CTA. I only get about 500 words so I try to keep them all about the CTA. But I will pass your comment along to our bikes reporter, Rachel. @disqus_RwMuAkc8am:disqus, thanks for the feedback. If you have suggestions for coverage, I am all ears.

  • What little used road? Is it next to the high-speed expressway that always has traffic on it?

  • Steven had proposed turning one of the lanes of Lower LSD into a two-way protected bike lane instead of building the flyover:

  • I know that, and I still think the flyover is a much better idea.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Heartily agree. The pun is mightier than the sword.

  • Fred

    Re: Elk Grove Taxi
    The man was illegally crossing a busy highway in the dark to illegally publicly urinate in a ditch. I sure hope the taxi driver wasn’t charged.

  • FG

    Brings me back to my question on another TOD project – are the unrented parking spaces because people don’t have cars or are parking on the street/elsewhere and not renting a space either to save money or other reason (i.e. housing too expensive, etc).

  • alexfrancisburchard

    I dunno, Lower Lake Shore is a pretty busy street. As someone who crosses it on foot every day, I shudder to think how much more danger I’d be in if people were pissed off from being backed up all the way across the bridge all day long. + There’s a lot of busses that use that space, and anything that slows busses down (especially LSD Expresses) is a bad Idea in my book. And I say this as someone who’s primary way of commuting is by bike and I bike through there almost every day. And frankly, taking a lane of Lower LSD would work better for me, because the flyover will not serve me (since I live at LPT) but I still think it’s a bad idea because people in this city drive terribly, especially downtown.

  • That bad behavior could be accommodated by better design. I didn’t propose everything that would be needed, but CDOT had already used Lower LSD as a path detour until it fixed a hole in the bridge’s sidewalk, showing that they could design even more than a temporary detour there.

  • alexfrancisburchard

    I agree that it could be accommodated by better design, but I think the best design retains the existing lanes, and adds space for bikes further out along the bridge. If they’re going to reconfigure it in any way, they should make the left lane bus only. and only let people drive in the right lane.