Today’s Headlines

  • CTA Credits Safety Campaign With Reducing the Number of Rail Trespassers (Tribune)
  • CCS International Wins Cost Management Contract for Phase 1 of Red & Purple Rehab (Tribune)
  • Active Trans Weighs in on the International Report That Called Our Transit Network “Depressing”
  • More Details About How the Wilson Rehab Work Will Affect Train Riders (DNA)
  • Richmond Writer Brands the Jeffery Jump “A Failed BRT Project” (RVA)
  • Should CDOT Add a Midblock Crosswalk at South Loop Retail Development? (Fox)
  • The Morton Arboretum, Which Formerly Banned Bikes, Now Offers Bike rentals (Tribune)
  • Divvy Versus Bublr Smackdown: Which Has Better Branding? (Journal Sentinal)
  • Konkol Whines That Pullman Historic District, Steps From Metra, Is a Transit Desert (DNA)

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  • Cameron Puetz

    While most readers of this blog usually don’t see eye to eye with Konkol, in this case he has a point, Pullman really is a transit desert. Yes there is a Metra station nearby, but much of the day trains are more than one hour apart. Also there aren’t many services a short transit trip away like there in denser neighborhoods where people find it easier to live car free. Transit service in Pullman is what you’d expect to see in a distant suburb, there’s a Metra train to take commuters to the Loop but not much else.

  • Anne A

    I’ve got some experience with transit in the Pullman area. If you want to ride Metra and go north, it’s great for a regular 9-5 schedule. If you want to travel in any other direction via CTA, not so much. Konkol has a valid point about that, and I wouldn’t consider it whining. To go north or west from there can be easier and more reliable by bike than by transit, and until the new Pullman Park retail complex, the area was extremely underserved in terms of groceries and other shops.

  • Anne A

    On the Canal St. dust-up, that is a LONG stretch with no ped crossings. That being said, I wonder if safe ped crossings are possible there, even with a marked crosswalk. When all those businesses are open, car traffic is dense and intense.

  • Anne A

    One bright spot for non-Loop-oriented transit there is the ability to take the South Shore to Indiana Dunes.

  • ohsweetnothing

    Interesting re: Midblock Crosswalk article. I thought the City did this pretty regularly.

    It sounds like a crosswalk would make sense here in theory, but it’s been covered here and on many other sites several times over about the lack of compliance with crosswalk laws in Chicago….

  • You sure about that? It appears that the South Shore doesn’t stop in Pullman, although it passes by it:

  • Fred

    Isn’t there a mid-block crosswalk with stoplight at Northern Trust just north of here?

  • Anne A

    Okay, I take that back. Haven’t taken South Shore in a few years and didn’t realize they’d made that unfortunate change. 115th/Kensington *used to be* a transfer point between Metra Electric and South Shore.

  • jared

    I think its about the same distance from the loop as say Glenview. I’m under the impression that years ago whatever railroad was the predecessor to Metra had much more frequent service. Of course at the time it was built most everyone would of walked to work.