Today’s Headlines

  • International Study Agrees: Chicagoland Has Too Many Transit Boards (Tribune)
  • City Moves to Acquire Rail Line for New ERA Trail (DNA)
  • Man, 20, Fatally Struck by Wheeling Police Officer (WLS)
  • CTA Bus Driver Fatally Strikes 54-Year-Old Woman in Back of the Yards (Fox)
  • New Pedestrian Bridges on South Lakefront Will Correct an Inequality (Tribune)
  • Loop Alliance Brainstorms Ideas for Energizing Gloomy Wabash Corridor (Tribune)
  • NW Suburbs Want to Improve Access to Des Plaines River Trail (Active Trans)
  • Thieves Ram Through Door of Oak Street Boutique With Car, Steal Coats (Tribune)
  • Oh Thank Heaven! Cops Catch Man Who Crashed Car Into 7-Eleven, Fled (Tribune)

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  • ohsweetnothing

    Moncler huh? Those are some thieves with very discerning taste.

  • Anne A

    I’m glad to hear about this bit of progress on the New ERA Trail. There are some very positive things happening in Englewood. This trail could be a significant boost.

  • R.A. Stewart

    The city ranking in the print edition of the Trib (“International Study Agrees …”) is even more depressing than in the online story. Chicago ranks sixth among U.S. cities in transit use in the full graph, right there rubbing elbows with Texas and the Deep South, and of course so far down the international rankings that the folks in civilized countries can’t even see us.

    The sad thing is, even if we need unified transit oversight, any regionwide board that would conceivably take shape in Illinois would just be a means of more efficiently siphoning resources out of the city to the suburbs.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    Too many transit boards, yes. Also too many entities like Mosquito Abatement Districts, that allow pols to stuff jobs for their pals everywhere.

  • FG

    I’ve seen accusations that people will lose their homes for the trail, surprised no one has posted the link here.

  • FG

    The graph on the web edition has Chicago 4th nationally – what were the parameters?

  • Things were already in the works for homes to be purchased and razed to make way for the rail yard before the city announced its intentions to acquire the rail line. The New ERA trail would be an asset to the Englewood community, one of the upsides of the controversial rail yard deal.

    I’m not finding anything online about these accusations. Got any links? Thanks.

  • FG

    Let me see what I can find – apparently there is a “documentary” or video about it (on Vimeo I think). I wasn’t going to bother watching it because it was probably “loaded”…

  • FG

    John – here’s the link. I don’t vouch for it in any way.

  • Thanks, I’ll check this out.

  • R.A. Stewart

    Sorry, I saw your reply yesterday but our print copy was already under a bird. The graph in the web story is a small snip of the full graph and omits any explanation of what’s being counted (daily transit rides per 100 residents), but at least there is a link to the full graph, which is here: