Today’s Headlines

  • Aldermen Push for Stricter Rules, Fees for Trains Carrying Dangerous Fuels (DNA)
  • Cardenas Wants Speed Camera Removed From Archer Avenue (DNA)
  • Beale Says Raising Speed Limit on 127th Is “My Way of Taking Care of” Residents (Sun-Times)
  • Thurow Case Highlights Challenge of Keeping Chronic Drunk Driver Off Roads (Tribune)
  • Minor Derailment of Blue Line at Pulaski Is Causing Major Delays (Tribune)
  • Driver Arrested for DUI After Killing Pedestrian in McHenry (CBS)
  • Bronzeville Man Charged With DUI, Reckless Homicide After Fatal Crash on Ryan (RedEye)
  • Surveillance Photos Lead to Charges in Red Line Groping Case (NBC)
  • Switching Problems at Union Station Caused Delays on BNSF Trails Last Night (Tribune)
  • UP North Trails Delayed After a Tree Falls on Tracks Near Kenilworth (CBS)
  • People With Disabilities Must Apply for RTA Free Ride Permit By End of Month (Tattler)

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  • rohmen

    Having been on a blue line train heading from Oak Park to the loop which was stopped at Cicero due to the prior derailment, I can safely say they were not offering shuttle buses to help. Or at least our train engineer made no effort to explain shuttles were available when we were told we had to get off an inbound train at Cicero. Instead, the engineer told us the line was closed, apologized for the delay, and directed us to exit the train and take the Cicero bus to the Green Line to get to the loop.

    Either CTA never actually provide constant shuttle service to passengers stuck due to the derailment, or they failed to properly instruct their staff and passengers how to get to those shuttles. Either way, the CTA’s response to this was pretty lackluster. They were not even announcing the problem at the Austin station before people were boarding trains (at least around 7:30 a.m.) heading inbound–and I had been standing on the platform for over 10 minutes before a train arrived to go one stop before being told to exit.

  • Erik Swedlund

    The Tribune story says the derailment happened around 7:15am. I received the first alert from the CTA about delays on the Forest Park branch of the Blue Line at 7:20am, and the first mention of a derailment at 7:23am. Following several more alerts, the first mention of shuttles was at 8:32am. Perhaps at the time you were riding, they had not yet arranged the shuttles.

  • rohmen

    I’m sure that’s probably right, as I definitely got caught in this at 7:30, so pretty much right after the derailment happened. I have to remind myself to sign up for alerts, as it seems the CTA actually announcing things on the platform is always spotty at best.

    My biggest complaint is that myself, and almost everyone else that got on at Austin, never would have boarded the train if we were going to simply be taken to Cicero, and then told to fend for ourselves to get to the Green Line. We could have simply done that from the start if they had just told riders what was happening and saved another 30 minutes of delay. Some passengers on my train said that when they boarded at stops earlier than Austin, they were told shuttles would be running at Cicero, which was contradicted when they got there.

    I get that things happen, but the CTA never seems to have a great plan for how to deal with these issues, or even communicate what’s going on.

  • cjlane

    “Bronzeville Man Charged With DUI, Reckless Homicide After Fatal Crash on Ryan”

    ‘fatal crash’? Where’d he get the robot car?

  • You seem to be unclear on the concept of “robot car” language. Here’s an explanation:

  • cjlane

    No, I’m just giving you a hard time about inconsistent language.

    The Bridgeport cyclist fatality could have been more accurately described using this same construction–thus:

    Cyclist killed in crash with SUV driver.

    But you chose to say “cyclist killed by driver”; which isn’t an hinest representation of the facts.

  • As I stated before, the fact is that the driver killed the cyclist. It wasn’t intentional, and it may not have been the driver’s fault, but that’s what happened.

    Read the latest report for a statement from the victim’s family about what might have taken place:

  • cjlane

    But the person who died in *this* headline died in a “crash”–where the driver is being charged with homicide–not was “killed by the drunk driver”.

    So a person who falls of a building is killed “by the sidewalk”?