Today’s Headlines

  • Metra: All Told, Alex Clifford Settlement Cost $1.3 Million (Tribune)
  • Cyclist Struck and Killed by SUV Driver Is 2nd Bridgeport Bike Fatality This Year (DNA)
  • Gabe Klein Takes COO Job With a Black Line-Style Bus Pop-Up Bus Service (BostInno)
  • Driver Arrested After She Severely Injured a Pedestrian, Then Fled the Scene (Tribune)
  • Police Conduct Crosswalk Sting in Logan Square (DNA)
  • 48th Ward Provides and Update on the Argyle Shared Street Project
  • Speed Cams at 3 New Locations Start Issuing Warnings Today (Expired Meter)
  • A Wheel Problem: South Side Is Seeing an Epidemic of Car Tire Thefts (DNA)
  • How to Carry Your Suit to Work on Your Bike (Ding Ding)
  • Bill Savage: The Machine Gets Its Revenge on Ex-Mayor With “Jane Byrne Interchange” (Crain’s)

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  • cjlane

    “Cyclist Struck and Killed by SUV Driver”

    Cyclist runs red light and rides into path of SUV.

  • CL

    The Sun-Times headline is “Bicyclist fatally strikes car in Bridgeport.”

    The Sun-Times seems to have decided that the cyclist struck the car because the cyclist ran a red light, and was therefore at fault in the accident.

    They probably collided in the intersection — unless there is footage nobody really knows which one “struck” the other. But even if the SUV hit the cyclist, if the cyclist was sailing through a red light, it’s not the driver’s fault.

  • We discussed the proper way to phrase this one, and I expected we’d hear from readers about it. According to the story, the cyclist “was hit by a car.” The car wasn’t acting on its own accord — someone was driving it. That’s why our headline reads that the motorist struck the cyclist. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re assuming the driver was at fault. Hopefully, we’ll be able to provide more details on the crash later today.

  • cjlane

    “that doesn’t mean that we’re assuming the driver was at fault”

    No, but it is *definitely* what you want to imply.

  • cjlane

    The Tribune blurb on it cites the police as saying “a bicyclist died after he was struck by an SUV while riding through a red light”.

  • cjlane

    Oh, also, the construct of “cyclist strikes SUV” fits with the discussion of the North Avenue pedestrian deaths–that construction is used to indicate in as few words as possible who was the proximate cause of the accident–it is not *necessarily* a true indication of the physical reality.

    Thus “SUV strikes car” means that the driver of the SUV was at fault for the collision, but does not absolutely indicate which vehicle made first contact with the other.

  • cjlane

    “A Wheel Problem: South Side Is Seeing an Epidemic of Car Tire Thefts”

    I know that the linked article is about the south side only, but it’s happening all over the city. Same with the thefts of catalytic converters, tho that is mainly from Jeeps.

  • Not at all. Just because we’re not using “robot car” language here doesn’t mean we’re blaming the driver.

  • cjlane

    Um, the construct you used is *exactly* the same as:

    “Person Struck and Killed by John Wayne Gacy”

    In what way is that NOT assigning blame to Gacy? Can I get a link to your streetsblog to English dictionary?

  • Fred

    “Cyclist Killed in collision with SUV Driver” would certainly be a more neutral way of saying it. No robot car, no stated or implied blame.

  • Guest

    So, I’m a bit confused about the Bridgeport tragedy. There are no traffic lights on 33rd between Dan Ryan and Halsted. Four-way stops, mostly.

  • James

    Your deceptive headlines in situations like this do more harm than good. There are two places where I know I’ll see deceptive headlines, this blog and The Onion

  • Fred

    I agree. The word “by” assigns blame.

  • Guy

    There are stoplights at 33rd and Emerald (where this occurred) as well as 33rd and Union, one block East.

    I was confused at first as 700 w 33rd is Union and traffic runs north there, but in the image you can see the front to Emerald Palace, signifying it was Emerald.

  • StefanieA

    Any idea why there are lights at those intersections? I’ve biked that stretch many times and totally forgot about they were there. It’s so residential and (always felt like) low-traffic, so I can’t imagine a four-way stop or a mini traffic circle/yield design wouldn’t be more appropriate.

  • Anne A

    Catalytic converter thieves were recently caught by police while stealing converters from SUVs at a Metra park & ride lot in Beverly.

  • Anne A

    There are 2 stoplights on 33rd between the Ryan and Halsted – at Union and Emerald.,-87.6448603,3a,75y,270h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1solqDU8w34LciP7q-YsPfrA!2e0

  • I have a feeling that, based on the width of the streets, and that each is one-way in the opposite direction of the other (what’s typically called a couplet), that the signals are there to allow for moving traffic a bit faster on this N-S corridor alternative to Halsted.

    Who knows, it could be a remnant left over from a time when Halsted was close for a while for whatever reason.

    This happens fairly frequently in Chicago where infrastructure is built ā€“ or removed ā€“ for long-term closures of nearby streets but the new infrastructure is never removed or the removed infrastructure is never replaced.

    One example: the bike lane on Loomis between Eleanor and Cermak was removed to allow for more travel lanes when the Ashland bridge was closed for repair (circa 2006). The bike lane symbols and signs were removed and the bike lane striping was painted over with black paint. The black paint eventually wore off but the symbols and signs haven’t returned.

  • jeff wegerson

    “Instructor Struck and Killed by Uzi Student.”

    It was the instructors fault for standing in the wrong place. Just because the biker was killed “by” a person wielding a powerful SUV does not imply the death was the driver’s fault. But without the powerful SUV the driver would not have killed the biker.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    No it was the instructors fault for handing a 9 year old girl a gun with a recoil to which the little girl did not have the strength to contol and a trigger mechanism that easily could squeeze out bullets.

    Unless you have the ability to reconstruct the accident, how do you know another vehicle would have been safer for the bike to hit?None of the articles about this sad death indicate if the young man who died suffered brain injury or other internal injuries. Speed at impact, where the impact on the vehicle happened, if the bike crumpled and if the cyclist was thrown on impact are known.

  • jeff wegerson

    The point I’m making is that the use of “by” does not necessarily imply blame. So the headline as written was fine.

  • Wewilliewinkleman

    No, I was making comment on your belief that if the biker hadn’t hit an powerful SUV. What if it had been a sedan? You can say for certain that the biker would have survived as you don’t know how the accident happened.

  • jeff wegerson

    People are licensed to drive and shoot because those things have power. With power comes responsibility for irresponsible use of those powers. I actually don’t care in this case “whose fault” the death was. I am just making generalized observations. My initial comment was concerning the use of the word “by” in the headline and complaints that that implied that the driver was at fault when it was believed that the cyclist was at fault. Killed by driver is the same construction as killed by student. In each case fault could be laid to the object: cyclist and instructor. It was the objects fault for being killed by the subject.

    Now I get that as I continue to add new statements to my comments you have the opportunity to ignore my initial statement and focus on the new ones. Indeed you seem to be enjoying making up new comments and statements – unrelated to mine – all on your own.

  • cjlane

    “People are licensed to … shoot”

    There is no such thing as a shooting license. You have to have a license to *own* a gun, but not to fire it. I have fired shotguns; I have never had a firearm permit.

  • jeff wegerson

    Sounds like a revenue source idea. They license cars and driving, they should license guns and shooting!!!


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